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    The first recorded use of the term "playwright" is from 1605, 73 years before the first written record of the term "dramatist". It appears to have been first used in a pejorative sense by Ben Jonson to suggest a mere tradesman fashioning works for the theatre. Jonson uses the word in his Epigram 49, which is thought to refer to John Marston:

  2. A playwright is a person who writes plays for the stage. Because the name of such a text is drama, another word for this person is dramatist. Sometimes, dramas are written to be read and not played. In that case, they are called closet dramas. The word wright does not come from write. It is an ancient English term for a builder.

  3. Edmund Duggan (playwright) (1862–1938, Australia) Roger Martin du Gard {redirect to Martin du Gard, Roger} Ashley Dukes (1885–1959, England) Alexandre Dumas, père (1802–1870, France) D Underbelly (born late 1990s, United States) Govind Purushottam Deshpande (1938–2013, India) in Marathi; Andrea Dunbar (1961–1990, England)

  4. v t e Notable playwrights from the United States include: 18th century [ edit] Hugh Henry Brackenridge William Dunlap Robert Hunter Royall Tyler Mercy Otis Warren 19th century [ edit] George Aiken Nathaniel Bannister James Nelson Barker David Belasco Robert Montgomery Bird George H. Boker Dion Boucicault John Brougham William Wells Brown Bob Cole

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