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    Socialism is a system based upon de facto public or social ownership of the means of production, the abolition of a hierarchical division of labor in the enterprise, a consciously organized social division of labor. Under socialism, money, competitive pricing, and profit-loss accounting would be destroyed.

  2. El socialismo es una corriente filosófica política, social y económica, y una ideología, que abarca una gama de sistemas socioeconómicos caracterizados por la propiedad social de los medios de producción, 1 2 3 y la autogestión de empresas por parte de los trabajadores. Incluye teorías políticas y los movimientos asociados con tales sistemas.

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    There are many kinds of socialism. In all types, at least in principle, the State or workers own the means of production. The major differences between the different varieties are the role of the free market(market planning), how the means of production are controlled, the role of management of workers, and the government's role in the economy.

    The followers of a Welshman, Robert Owen, began calling themselves socialists in 1841. Owen is seen as a founder of the Co-operative Movement in Britain. He said that workers should own the companies they worked for. The workers would then share the profitsamong themselves. He set up a new model factory in New Lanark, Scotland. Karl Marx is the mos...

  3. The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1847-48 just before the Revolutions of 1848 swept Europe, expressing what they termed scientific socialism. In the last third of the 19th century parties dedicated to Democratic socialism arose in Europe, drawing mainly from Marxism.

  4. Examples of market socialism include economic democracy, the Lange model, liberal socialism, market-oriented left-libertarianism, mutualism the New Economic Mechanism and Ricardian socialism. Other types of market socialist systems such as mutualism are related to the political philosophy of libertarian socialism .