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  1. Some dialect speakers are unwilling to speak standard German, at times, to certain outsiders and prefer to use French. In contrast, many people living near the border with Basel , Switzerland , will speak their dialect with a Swiss person from that area, as they are mutually intelligible for the most part; similar habits may apply to conversations with people of the nearby German ...

  2. Insular Danish (Danish: Ømål) are the traditional Danish dialects spoken on the islands of Zealand, Langeland, Funen, Falster, Lolland, and Møn.They are recorded in the Dictionary of Danish Insular Danish (Ømålsordbogen) which has been collected since the 1920s, and published in biannual volumes since 1992.

  3. زبان آلمانی (Deutsch, تلفظ ()) یک زبان طبیعی از خانواده زبانی زبان‌های هندواروپایی از شاخهٔ زبان‌های ژرمنی غربی است که بیشتر در اروپای مرکزی گفتگو می‌شود.