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    The 19th ( nineteenth) century began on 1 January 1801 ( MDCCCI ), and ended on 31 December 1900 ( MCM ). The 19th century was the ninth century of the 2nd millennium . The 19th century was characterized by vast social upheaval. Slavery was abolished in much of Europe and the Americas.

  2. El siglo XIX d. C. ( siglo diecinueve después de Cristo) o siglo XIX e. c. ( siglo diecinueve de la era común) fue el noveno siglo del II milenio en el calendario gregoriano. Comenzó el 1 de enero de 1800 y terminó el 31 de diciembre de 1899. Es llamado el «siglo de la industrialización ». 1 .

  3. 1821–1830: Greece becomes the first country to break away from the Ottoman Empire after the Greek War of Independence. Navarino massacre of Turks living in Greece. Napoleon Bonaparte dies in exile on the island of Saint Helena. Mexico gains independence from Spain with the Treaty of Córdoba.

  4. 19th century. The 19th century was the century from 1801 to 1900. Most of this century is normally called the Victorian period because Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom . The Industrial Revolution started in this century in most western countries.

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  5. Literature of the 19th century refers to world literature produced during the 19th century. The range of years is, for the purpose of this article, literature written from (roughly) 1799 to 1900. Many of the developments in literature in this period parallel changes in the visual arts and other aspects of 19th-century culture.