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  1. College history Early decades. Brooklyn College was founded in 1930. That year, as directed by the New York City Board of Higher Education on April 22, the college authorized the combination of the Downtown Brooklyn branches of Hunter College, at that time a women's college, and the City College of New York, then a men's college, both established in 1926.

    • Urban, 35 acres (14 ha)
    • 17,811 (2019)
  2. [ editar datos en Wikidata ] El College de Brooklyn de la Universidad de la Ciudad de Nueva York , del inglés Brooklyn College of the City University of New York , abreviado College de Brooklyn , en inglés Brooklyn College es un centro universitario de Liberal Arts situado en la ciudad de Nueva York en el estado homónimo , en los Estados Unidos .

    • pública
    • 1930
  3. Brooklyn College is a liberal arts college in Brooklyn, New York. It is part of the City University of New York's university system. It has around 16,822 students. It was built in 1930. The college is known for its beautiful campus.

    • 1930
    • Latin: Nil sine magno labore
    • Nothing without great effort
    • Public
  4. Brooklyn College Academy is a high school located in Brooklyn, New York City, New York in the New York City Department of Education. A double-sited school, it serves grades 9–12. Brooklyn College Academy was ranked second (tied with Benjamin Banneker Academy ) for highest graduation rate in the borough of Brooklyn, with 97% of students graduating on time.

    • 1986
    • A Community of Leaders and Learners
    • Bobcat
    • Shernell Thomas
    • Academia
    • Business
    • Entertainment
    • Government, Law, and Public Policy
    • Journalism
    • Literature and The Arts
    • Religion
    • Science and Technology
    • Sports

    Chancellors, deans, and presidents

    1. Walter Adams (B.A. 1942), economist and President of Michigan State University 2. Glenn Altschuler (B.A. 1971), Dean of the Cornell University School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, noted for his work on the history of American popular culture 3. Samuel Baskin (B.A. 1942), psychologist and educational reformer and first President of the Union Institute & University 4. Barbara Aronstein Black (B.A. 1953), Dean, Columbia University School of Law 5. Carmen Fariña (M.S.Ed. 1968),...


    1. Jerome H. Barkow (B.A. 1964), Canadian anthropologist at Dalhousie University, has made important contributions to the field of evolutionary psychology 2. Melvin Konner (B.A. 1966), Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at Emory University 3. Jeffrey Laitman (B.A. 1973), anatomist and physical anthropologist, Distinguished Professor of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, President-Elect of the American Association of Anatomists 4...


    1. Paul Davidson (B.S. 1950), macroeconomist who has been one of the leading spokesmen of the American branch of the Post Keynesianschool in economics 2. Israel Kirzner(B.A. 1954), economist 3. David Laibman (M.A. 1969), Professor Emeritus of Economics at Brooklyn College; Editor of Science & Society

    Fred Bass (B.A. 1949), owner of New York City's Strand Bookstore
    Charles Biderman (B.A. 1967), founder and CEO of TrimTabs Investment Research, Inc.
    Joseph Cassano (B.A. 1977), head of Financial Product division at American International Group1987–2008
    Bruce Chizen (B.S. 1978), President and CEO of Adobe Systems
    Letty Aronson (B.A. 1964), film producer; sister of Woody Allen
    Obba Babatundé (B.A. 1974), Emmy and Tony Award-nominated actor
    Saul Bass, graphic designer and filmmaker, won the Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject


    1. Cy A Adler(B.A. 1950), president of Shorewalkers, Inc.; author, organizer, and conservationist, advocate for shoreline issues in and around New York City 2. Dionisia Amaya (Adv. Cert. 1987), teacher and Honduran Garifunacommunity activist 3. Jamiel Altaheri (B.S. 2007), high-ranking Muslim police officer in the New York City Police Department, leader in the Yemeni Americancommunity 4. Bill Baird(B.A. 1955), reproductive rights activist and co-director of the Pro Choice League 5. Barbara P....


    1. Noach Dear (B.S. 1975), New York Supreme Courtjudge 2. Patricia DiMango (B.A. 1973), television personality and former justice of the Supreme court of Kings County, New York 3. David Friedman (B.A. 1971), Associate Justice of the New York Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, First Judicial Department 4. Arthur Gonzalez (M.S. 1976), United States Bankruptcy Court Judge for the Southern District of New York, presided over the bankruptcy proceedings for WorldCom, Enron, and Chrysler 5. St...


    1. Benjamin Brafman (B.A. 1971), prominent criminal defense attorney 2. George Carroll (B.A. 1943), lawyer who was important civic figure in Contra Costa County, California and the city of Richmond 3. Jay Goldberg (B.A. 1954), trial attorney, formerly a member of the Justice Department in the Kennedyadministration 4. Robert M. Kaufman (B.A. 1951), attorney, partner with the law firm Proskauer Rose, and former president of the New York City Bar Association 5. Harvey R. Miller (B.A. 1954), bank...

    Madeline Amgott (B.A. 1942), television newstelevision producer
    Stu Bykofsky (B.A. 1965), journalist and columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News
    Thom Calandra (B.A. 1979), founding editor and chief columnist for CBS
    Sam Abrams (B.A. 1958), "The Old Pothead Poet", Rochester Institute of Technology professor, Whitmanscholar
    Jack Adler (B.A. 1942), award-winning cover artist and colorist for DC Comics
    J. David Bleich (B.A. 1960), authority on Jewish law and ethics, including Jewish medical ethics
    Bhikkhu Bodhi (B.A. 1966), American Buddhist monk, second president of the Buddhist Publication Society, 1984–2002
    Reeve Brenner (B.A. 1958), Reform rabbi, inventor and author
    Mariano Di Gangi (B.A. 1943), prominent minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada(PCC)

    Biochemistry and chemistry

    1. Stanley Cohen (B.A. 1943), biochemist and Nobel laureate (Physiology or Medicine, 1986) 2. Martha Greenblatt (B.S. 1962), chemist at Rutgers University, received the 2003 American Chemical Society's Garvan-Olin Medal 3. Jerry March (M.S. 1953), chemist and author of March's Advanced Organic Chemistry 4. Barnett Rosenberg (B.S. 1948), chemist, known for his discovery of the anti-cancer drug cisplatin 5. Howard Sachs (B.S. 1949), biochemist; pioneer the study of neuroendocrinology 6. Nichola...

    Computer science

    1. Martin Goetz (B.A. 1953), pioneer in the development of the commercial software industry; holds the first U.S. software patent 2. Lawrence Landweber (B.S. 1963), Internet pioneer, helped develop CSNET, founding member and president of the Internet Society 3. Jack Minker (B.S. 1949), authority in artificial intelligence, deductive databases, logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning 4. George Radin (B.A. 1951) computer scientist, helped develop the PL/I programming language and design t...


    1. Milton Abramowitz (B.A. 1940, M.S. 1942), mathematician, co-author of the Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables(1964) 2. Ruth Aaronson Bari (B.A. 1939), mathematician known for her work in graph theory and homomorphisms 3. Richard Bellman (B.A. 1941), applied mathematician and inventor of dynamic programming 4. Sol Garfunkel(B.A. 1963), mathematician and long-time executive director of the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications 5. Edna G...


    1. Hy Cohen, Major League Baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs 2. Saul Katz (B.A. 1960), President/CEO of the New York Mets 3. Sam Nahem(attended 1933–35), Major League Baseball pitcher 4. Marius Russo (attended 1932–34), Major League Baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees (1939–43, 1946); All-Starin 1941 5. Eddie Turchin, Major League Baseball player 6. Richard Wilpon (B.A. 1960), Member of the New York Metsboard of directors


    1. Alex Crisano, basketball player for the Philippine Patriots 2. Phil Farbman (1924–1996), basketball player in the Basketball Association of America(BAA) as a member of the Philadelphia Warriors and Boston Celtics 3. Nat Frankel, basketball player in the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and the American Basketball League(ABL) 4. Fran Fraschilla (B.A. 1980), basketball coach at Manhattan College, St. John's University and University of New Mexico; now ESPNbroadcast analyst 5. Bill Gre...


    1. Gata Kamsky (B.A. 1999), Soviet-born American chess grandmaster, five-time U.S. Champion, current World Rapid Chess Champion, current US Chess Champion 2. Alex Lenderman(attended 2007–2009), Russian-American chess grandmaster; U16 (under 16 years old) 2005 world chess champion 3. Max Pavey(M.A. 1948), chess master 4. Raymond Weinstein (B.A. 1963), chess player and International Master; US Junior Chess Champion 5. Bernard Zuckerman, chess International Master

    • Fakultäten
    • Persönlichkeiten
    • Notizen

    Das Brooklyn College ist in drei „Divisionen“ aufgeteilt, welche sich wiederum in die einzelnen Fach-Fakultäten (Wirtschaft, Psychologie, Biologie usw.) trennen. 1. Geisteswissenschaften und Naturwissenschaften (School of Liberal Arts and Sciences) 2. Allgemeine Studien (School of General Studies) 3. Division of Graduate Studies Weiterhin bietet das Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn CollegeKurse auf undergraduate (Bachelor) und graduate (Master)-Niveau an. Es umfasst sowohl die Bereiche Performance, als auch Musikwissenschaft, Komposition und musikalische Erziehung.


    1. Vito Acconci– Künstler 2. F. Murray Abraham– Schauspieler 3. Hannah Arendt– Politikwissenschaftlerin, Philosophin 4. Christopher Coletti– Trompeter 5. Michael Cunningham– Schriftsteller 6. Wilhelm Richard Gaede, nach seiner Einbürgerung in die USA William Richard Gaede, war hoher Beamter unter dem preußischen Kultusminister Adolf Grimmeund emigrierte nach 1933 in die USA, wo er Professor für Germanistik am Brooklyn College wurde und später auch Dekan. 7. Allen Ginsberg– Dichter 8. Agnieszk...


    1. Stanley Cohen (B.A. 1943) – Biochemiker, Nobelpreisfür Medizin (1986) 2. Richard Bellman(B.A. 1941) – Mathematiker 3. Barbara Boxer(B.A. 1962) – Politikerin 4. Shirley Chisholm(B.A. 1946) – erste afroamerikanische Abgeordnete des US-Repräsentantenhaus 5. Donald Kagan(B.A. 1954) – Historiker 6. Paul Mazursky(B.A. 1951) – Filmregisseur 7. Bernie Sanders(B.A. 1960) – Politiker und Präsidentschaftskandidat 8. Frank McCourt(M.A. 1967) – Autor 9. Stuart A. Rice(B.S. 1952) – Chemiker 10. Irwin Sh...

    ↑ University Herald: Top 10 Most Sober Colleges, August 2013
    ↑ Sonja Petra Karsen: Bericht über den Vater, in: Gerd Radde: Fritz Karsen: ein Berliner Schulreformer der Weimarer Zeit, Peter Lang, Frankfurt a. M. [u. a.] 1999, ISBN 3-631-34896-7, S. 409. Liter...
    ↑ Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn. In: am New York.Abgerufen am 25. Mai 2016.
    • 1930
    • staatlich
    • Nil sine magno labore („Nichts ohne großen Einsatz“)
    • New York City, USA
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