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  1. Bongo Lenge, Nyim (17th century) Golo Bosh, Nyim (17th century) Boni Bosh, Nyim (17th century) Kongo Kama Bomanchala, Nyim (17th century) Bo Kama Bomanchala, Nyim (c.1680) Golo Boke, Nyim (late 17th century) Bokere Boke, Nyim (late 17th century) KotomBoke, Nyim (17th or 18th century) Kingdom of Lunda ( complete list) –

  2. John Charles de Landas, acting Stadtholder (1675–late 17th century) Ernst of Croÿ-Ligne, Stadtholder (late 17th century) Henry de Lambert, Stadtholder (1684–1688) County of Namur (complete list) – Isabella Clara Eugenia, Margravine (1598–1621) Philip VI, Margrave (1621–1665) Charles III, Margrave (1665–1700) Franconian

  3. List of state leaders in the 16th century BC List of state leaders in the 17th century BC List of state leaders in the 18th century BC List of state leaders in the 19th century BC List of state leaders in the 20th century BC 3rd–4th millennium BC List of state leaders in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC See also. Lists of state leaders

  4. Pratapnarayan, Maharaja (17th century) Naranarayan, Maharaja (17th century) Lakshminarayan, Maharaja (c.1695–1712) Cooch Behar ( complete list) – Rup Narayan, Raja (1693–1714) Jaintia Kingdom – Dhan Manik, King (1596–1612) Jasa Manik, King (1612–1625) Sundar Ray, King (1625–1636) Chota Parbat Ray, King (1636–1647) Jasamanta Ray, King (1647–1660)

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  7. Africa Africa: Central Angola. Kasanje Kingdom (complete list) – Kalanda ka Imbe, King (c.1600s) Kulashingo, King (c.1610–1616) Kasanje ka Kulashingo, King (c.1616–1620s) Ka