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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lowell ( / ˈloʊəl /) is a city in Massachusetts, in the United States. With Cambridge, Lowell is one of two traditional seats of Middlesex County.

  2. Lowell (Massachusetts) Lowell es una ciudad ubicada en el condado de Middlesex en el estado estadounidense de Massachusetts. En el Censo de 2010 tenía una población de 106.519 habitantes y una densidad poblacional de 2.831,28 personas por km². 2 Toma su nombre del empresario e industrial Francis Cabot Lowell.

    • Overview
    • Pre-colonial history and founding
    • Early industrialization
    • City of Lowell
    • Immigration
    • Decline

    The history of Lowell, Massachusetts, is closely tied to its location along the Pawtucket Falls of the Merrimack River, from being an important fishing ground for the Pennacook tribe to providing water power for the factories that formed the basis of the city's economy for a century. The city of Lowell was started in the 1820s as a money-making ven...

    The area around what is now Lowell was an important hub for the Pennacook Indians. The land above the Pawtucket Falls on the northern bank of the Merrimack was inhabited by the Pawtucket group, while the land along both sides of the Concord River was inhabited by the Wamesits. The site of Lowell itself served as the location of both the Pawtucket a...

    Entrepreneurs and industrialists soon began using Chelmsford as a location for new mills and manufacturing plants. The presence of Pawtucket Falls offered a source of water power that enabled the construction of a sawmill and gristmill in the early 18th century, followed by a fulling mill in 1737. The region's forests made it an attractive area for...

    Lowell was only the third Massachusetts community to be granted city government, after Boston and Salem. The population at the time was 17,633, and soon, a court, jail, hospital, cemetery, library, and two town commons were established. The first museums and theatres opened around 1840. Lowell also began annexing neighboring areas, including Belvid...

    Being a booming city with many low-skilled jobs, waves of immigrants came into Lowell to work the mills. The original 30 Irish that came to help build the canals were led by Hugh Cummiskey along the Middlesex canal from Charlestown to Pawtucket Falls on foot April 6, 1822. They were met by Kirk Boott and given a pittance. No allowance was made for ...

    By the 1920s, the New England textile industry began to shift South and many of Lowell's textile mills began to move or close. Although the South did not have rivers capable of providing the waterpower needed to run the early mills, the advent of steam-powered factories allowed companies to take advantage of the cheaper labor and transportation cos...

  3. The city of Lowell is a cultural and institutional center for the region. It is home to the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell and the Lowell National Historical Park, which preserves the region's legacy as an early textile manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution.

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    Das Stadtgebiet wurde ursprünglich von Pennacook-Indianern besiedelt. 1820 zählte es kaum 200 Einwohner. 1823 wurde die erste Spinnerei angelegt, und 1836 wurde Lowell offiziell als Stadt anerkannt. Die Stadt ist nach Francis Cabot Lowell benannt. Um 1900 galt Lowell als amerikanisches Manchester. 1900 erzeugte es in 981 Betrieben mit 31.377 Arbeit...

    Die Textilindustrie verlor schon in den 1930er Jahren ihre Bedeutung in Lowell, was einen zeitweisen wirtschaftlichen Niedergang der Stadt zur Folge hatte. In den 1980er Jahren kam es zu einem zeitweisen wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung (dem Massachusetts Miracle). So hatten die Wang Laboratories 1972 bis 1992 ihren Sitz in Lowell, gingen dann aber in d...

    Vom 1. bis 9. April 2006 fanden in Lowell die Curling-Weltmeisterschaftender Herren statt. Der bekannteste Sportverein der Stadt waren die Lowell Devils (bis 2005/06 Lowell Lock Monsters) aus der (AHL). Der Baseballclub Lowell Spinners spielt semiprofessionell in der Class A Short Season der Minor League Baseball als ein Farmteam der Boston Red Sox...

    Persönlichkeiten mit Bezug zur Stadt

    1. Elisha Huntington(1795–1865), Politiker; Bürgermeister von Lowell 2. Frederic T. Greenhalge(1842–1896), Politiker; Bürgermeister von Lowell 3. Juli Makowos (* 1937), russischer Mathematiker; lehrte er an der University of Massachusettsin Lowell 4. Mary Beth Ruskai(* 1944), mathematische Physikerin; lehrte er an der University of Massachusetts in Lowell

    Die Band Death Cab for Cutie hat einen mit Lowell, MA betitelten Song auf ihrem Album: We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes(2000).

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  4. Lowell is een stad in de Amerikaanse staat Massachusetts, 50 km ten noordwesten van Boston. De stad telt 105.167 inwoners. Het is hiermee de op drie na grootste stad in Massachusetts, en de 218e stad in de Verenigde Staten (2000). Inhoud 1 Geschiedenis 2 Demografie 3 Klimaat 4 Plaatsen in de nabije omgeving 5 Geboren in Lowell (Mass) 6 Externe link

  5. Lowell est une ville située dans le comté de Middlesex dans l'État du Massachusetts aux États-Unis. Lors du recensement de 2010, sa population s’élevait à 106 519 habitants, ce qui en fait la quatrième plus grande ville de l’ État. Lowell est le siège de comté avec Cambridge . Sommaire 1 Histoire 2 Démographie 3 Personnalités liées à la ville

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