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  1. The Red Turban Rebellions (Chinese: 紅巾起義; pinyin: Hóngjīn Qǐyì) were uprisings against the Yuan dynasty between 1351 and 1368, eventually leading to the collapse of the Yuan dynasty.

  2. The Principality of Zeta (Serbian: Кнежевина Зета, romanized: Kneževina Zeta) is a historiographical name for a late medieval principality located in the southern parts of modern Montenegro and northern parts of modern Albania, around the Lake of Skadar.

  3. Ibn Battuta (1304 – 1368 or 1369) was a Moroccan explorer.He is known for the account of his journeys called the Rihla ("Voyage"). He travelled for nearly 30 years and covered most of the Islamic world.