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    Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad (Persian: ناصرالدین محمد) (Persian pronunciation: [na'siːrʊdiːn mʊha'mad]; 6 March 1508 – 27 January 1556), better known by his regnal name, Humāyūn; (Persian pronunciation: [hʊma'juːn]), was the second emperor of the Mughal Empire, who ruled over territory in what is now Eastern Afghanistan, Pakistan, Northern India, and Bangladesh from 1530 to ...

  2. Historically, the term Low Countries arose at the Court of the Dukes of Burgundy, who used the term les pays de par deçà ("the lands over here") for the Low Countries as opposed to les pays de par delà ("the lands over there") for the Duchy of Burgundy and the Free County of Burgundy, which were part of their realm but geographically disconnected from the Low Countries.

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    Akbar succeeded Humayun on 14 February 1556, while in the midst of a war against Sikandar Shah to reclaim the Mughal throne. In Kalanaur, Punjab, the 14-year-old Akbar was enthroned by Bairam Khan on a newly constructed platform, which still stands. He was proclaimed Shahanshah (Persian for "King of Kings").

  4. Avant son avènement sur le trône d'Espagne en 1556, Philippe II avait vécu quelque temps aux Pays-Bas, à cause du conflit contre la France qui lui barrait la route du retour vers l'Espagne. Après la signature du traité du Cateau-Cambrésis et son mariage avec Élisabeth de France durant le printemps et l'été 1559, il put enfin s'embarquer pour l'Espagne et ne revint jamais dans ses ...

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    August 10 is the 222nd day of the year (223rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 143 days remain until the end of the year.

  6. Akbar to Aurangzeb (1556–1707) The third and greatest Mughal emperor, Akbar , continued to ruled from Agra , resulting in a decline in the fortunes of Delhi. In the mid-17th century, the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (1628–1658) built the city that sometimes bears his name Shahjahanabad , the seventh city of Delhi that is now commonly known as the old city or old Delhi.

  7. September 10, 1556: Daughter of Hatago of post station in Totoumi Province: Nagami Sadachika: March 1, 1574: January 5, 1605: Kotoku-no-Tsubone: Nagami clan's daughter: Nagami Sadayasu Matsudaira Minbu: 1582: 1616: Omatsu-no-Kata: Ogasawara Gonnojō: 1589: May 7, 1615: Sanjo Clan: Kondo Hidemochi (1547–1631) of Iinoya Domain's daughter: Son ...