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  1. The hussars were the leading, or even elite, branch of cavalry in the Polish army from the 1570s until 1776 when their duties and traditions were passed on to the uhlans by a parliamentary decree. Most hussars were recruited from the wealthier Polish nobility ( szlachta ). Each hussar towarzysz ("comrade") raised his own poczet or lance/retinue.

  2. hace 5 días · 1894 in music, 1894 in Norwegian music – Cello Concerto and Humoresques by Antonín Dvořák. 1893 in music, 1893 in Norwegian music – Symphony No. 9 and String Quartet No. 12 by Antonín Dvořák; Symphony No. 3 by Gustav Mahler; Karelia Suite by Jean Sibelius; Death of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer.

  3. 31/05/2022 · This text was copied from Wikipedia on 26 May 2022 at 6:00AM. ... 1570s. Born: Michel de Montaigne. 28 February 1533. Château de Montaigne, Guyenne ...

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    Few details of Heywood's life have been documented with certainty. Most references indicate that the county of his birth was most likely Lincolnshire, while the year has been variously given as 1570, 1573, 1574 and 1575. It has been speculated that his father was a country parson and that he was related to the half-century-earlier dramatist John He...

    Heywood's first play may have been The Four Prentises of London (printed 1615, but acted some fifteen years earlier). This tale of four apprentices who become knights and travel to Jerusalem may have been intended as a burlesque of the old romances, but it is more likely that it was meant seriously to attract the apprentice spectators to whom it wa...

    Between 1619 and 1624, Heywood seems to have inexplicably ceased all activity as an actor, but from 1624, until his death seventeen years later, his name frequently appears in contemporary accounts. In this period, Heywood was associated with Christopher Beeston's company at The Phoenix theatre, Queen Henrietta's Men or Lady Elizabeth's Men. At The...

    Masques and pageants

    1. Love's Mistress or The Queens Masque (printed 1636), the story of Cupid and Psyche as told by Apuleius 2. A series of pageants, most of them devised for the City of London, or its guilds, by Heywood, printed in 1637


    1. Troia Britannica, or Great Britain's Troy (1609), a poem in seventeen cantos"intermixed with many pleasant poetical tales" and "concluding with an universal chronicle from the creation until the present time" 2. The Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels (1635), a didacticpoem in nine books; 3. Pleasant Dialogue, and Dramas Selected Out of Lucian, etc.(1637) 4. The Conspiracie of Cateline [sic] and Warre of Jugurth [sic], translations of Sallust(1608).


    1. An Apology for Actors, Containing Three Brief Treatises(1612), edited for the Shakespeare Society in 1841 2. Gynaikeion or Nine Books of Various History Concerning Women(1624) 3. England's Elizabeth, Her Life and Troubles During Her Minority from Time Cradle to the Crown(1631) 4. The Life of Merlin, surnamed Ambrosius; his Prophecies and Predictions Interpreted, and their Truth Made Good by our English Annals: Being a Chronographical History of all the Kings and Memorable Passages of this...

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  4. 28/06/2022 · In 2015, Malaysia's then-Prime Minister Najib Razak was accused of channelling over RM 2.67 billion (approximately US$700 million) into his personal bank accounts from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), a government-run strategic development company masterminded by Low Taek Jho. [7]

  5. 18/06/2022 · In the 1570s, Oda Nobunaga subjugated Omi and built Azuchi Castle on the eastern shores of Lake Biwa in 1579. Tōdō Takatora, Gamō Ujisato, Oichi, Yodo-dono, Ohatsu and Oeyo were Omi notables in the Sengoku period. In those times, Ninja were active in Kōka ( See besides Kōga-ryū ).

  6. 18/06/2022 · Portrait in Turkish costume of Turkey merchant Francis Levett (1700–1764), chief representative of the Levant Company at Constantinople 1737–1750. Rum and spices; cloth: cottons and woollens, kerseys, indigo, gall, camlet; tin, pewter, maroquin, soda ash. The Levant Company was an English chartered company formed in 1592.