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  1. In 1597, Japan renewed its offensive by invading Korea a second time. The pattern of the second invasion largely mirrored that of the first. The Japanese had initial successes on land, but the contribution of the Ming forces, as well as the Joseon navy's disruption of Japanese supply fleets, resulted in a withdrawal of Japanese forces towards the coastal regions of the peninsula.

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    Appenzell is an alpine region, particularly in the south, where the Alpstein limestone range (culminating in the Säntis, with an elevation of 2,504 metres or 8,216 feet) is found, though towards the north the surface is composed rather of green hills, separating green hollows in which nestle neat villages and small towns.

  3. Contents move to sidebar hide Début 1 Personnages Afficher / masquer la sous-section Personnages 1.1 Maison princière de Vérone 1.2 Maison Capulet 1.3 Maison Montaigu 1.4 Autres personnages 2 Résumé 3 Sources 4 Date de composition et éditions 5 Thèmes et motifs Afficher / masquer la sous-section Thèmes et motifs 5.1 L'amour 5.2 Destin et hasard 5.3 Dualité (lumière et ténèbres) 5.4 ...

  4. Composizione Autore e canonicità. La tradizione della chiesa antica è concorde nell'attribuire a Luca sia il Vangelo secondo Luca che gli Atti. Ireneo di Lione (Contro le eresie 3,14,1; 15,1) afferma che Luca, discepolo di Paolo, raccontò negli Atti i suoi viaggi con Paolo; attribuiscono inoltre gli Atti a Luca anche Tertulliano (Contro Marcione 4.2.2), Clemente Alessandrino (Pedagogo 2.1. ...

  5. Background. The story of Narcissus was often referenced or retold in literature, for example, by Dante (Paradiso 3.18–19) and Petrarch (Canzoniere 45–46). The story was well known in the circles of such collectors in which Caravaggio was moving in this period, such as those of Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte and the banker Vincenzo Giustiniani.

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    In the Vagabonds Act 1597, several lists of persons were subject to impressment for service in the fleet. Following the execution of King Charles I , the Rump Parliament passed several acts in 1649 and 1650 concerning the encouragement of officers, mariners and for the impressment of seamen (e.g. 22 February 1648/9 ).

  7. Two versions of Medusa were created by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – one in 1596 and the other in 1597 – depicting the exact moment she was executed by Perseus. He plays with the concept by replacing Medusa's face with his own, as an indication of his immunity to her dreadful gaze.