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  1. Hace 3 días · Charles II (29 May 1630 – 6 February 1685) [c] was King of Scotland from 1649 until 1651, and King of England, Scotland and Ireland from the 1660 Restoration of the monarchy until his death in 1685. Charles II was the eldest surviving child of Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland and Henrietta Maria of France.

  2. Hace 1 día · Architecture Audio description of the Tower of London by Mike Gatting Layout Plan of the Tower of London The Tower was oriented with its strongest and most impressive defences overlooking Saxon London, which archaeologist Alan Vince suggests was deliberate. It would have visually dominated the surrounding area and stood out to traffic on the River Thames. The castle is made up of three "wards ...

    • White Tower: 1078, Inner Ward: 1190s, Rebuilt: 1285, Wharf expansion: 1377–1399
    • 2,984,499 (in 2019)
  3. Hace 1 día · Galileo Galilei Portrait by Justus Sustermans, 1636 Born Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaiuti de' Galilei (1564-02-15) 15 February 1564 Pisa, Duchy of Florence Died 8 January 1642 (1642-01-08) (aged 77) Arcetri, Grand Duchy of Tuscany Education University of Pisa Known for Analytical dynamics heliocentrism kinematics observational astronomy Scientific career Fields Astronomy physics engineering ...

  4. Hace 1 día · Some time between 1663 BC and 1649 BC — Name lost — Unknown Sewadjare: Mentuhotep V — Around 1655 BC — [...]mosre — — Unknown — Ibi [...]maatre — — Unknown — Hor[...] [...]webenre — — Unknown — Se...kare — Unknown Unknown Seheqenre: Sankhptahi: May be the son of his predecessor Between 1663 and 1649 BC ...

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    Hace 4 días · About eighty people throughout England's Massachusetts Bay Colony were accused of practicing witchcraft; thirteen women and two men were executed in a witch-hunt that occurred throughout New England and lasted from 1645 to 1663.

  6. Hace 2 días · modifier. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, dit Molière, baptisé le 15 janvier 1622 à l' église Saint-Eustache de Paris et mort le soir du 17 février 1673 à son domicile de la rue de Richelieu, est le plus célèbre des comédiens et dramaturges de langue française.

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    Hace 1 día · Queens is a borough of New York City, coextensive with Queens County, in the U.S. state of New York.Located on Long Island, it is the largest New York City borough by area.