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    Due to climate change in Asia, rodents began to flee the dried-out grasslands to more populated areas, spreading the disease. The plague disease, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, is enzootic (commonly present) in populations of fleas carried by ground rodents, including marmots, in various areas, including Central Asia, Kurdistan, Western Asia, North India, Uganda and the western ...

  2. The Ordinance of Labourers 1349 (23 Edw. 3) is often considered to be the start of English labour law. Specifically, it fixed wages and imposed price controls; required all those under the age of 60 to work; prohibited the enticing away of another's servants; and other terms.

  3. This crippling defeat was the ultimate factor of the Ottoman Empire signing the Treaty of Karlowitz on January 22, 1699, ending the Great Turkish War. This treaty resulted in the transfer of most of Ottoman Hungary to the Habsburgs, and prompted the Ottomans to adopt a more defensive military policy in the following century.

  4. Beer has been brewed in England for thousands of years. As a beer brewing country, it is known for top fermented cask beer (also called real ale) which finishes maturing in the cellar of the pub rather than at the brewery and is served with only natural carbonation.

  5. Jean Siméon Chardin (* 2.November 1699 in Paris; † 6. Dezember 1779 ebenda), fälschlicherweise auch schon zu seinen Lebzeiten Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin genannt, war der große Individualist unter den französischen Malern des 18.

  6. Lugares de interés. El edificio más representativo de Athlone es su castillo y actualmente museo, está situado a orillas del río Shannon. Tiene una gran importancia histórica ya que fue asediado durante la batalla de Athlone, que enfrentó a católicos y protestantes, su importancia estratégica se debe a que posee uno de los pocos puentes que hay en la zona para cruzar el río Shannon, y ...

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    Kishangarh was the capital of the eponymous princely state during the British Raj, which was located in the Rajputana Agency.In 1840, Prithvi Singh, became the 15th Maharaja of Kishangarh, and reigned till his death in 1879, after which he was succeeded by his son, Sardul Singh.