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    Hace 23 horas · Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in the late 16th century, famously received and sponsored various alchemists at his court in Prague, including Dee and his associate Edward Kelley. King James IV of Scotland , [101] Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg , Henry V, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg , Augustus, Elector of Saxony , Julius Echter von Mespelbrunn , and Maurice, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel all ...

  2. Hace 23 horas · 16th century. In the 16th century, the rivalry between Catholic monarchs prevented anti-Protestant crusades, but individual military actions were rewarded with crusader privileges, including Irish Catholic rebellions against English Protestant rule and the Spanish Armada's attack on England under Queen Elizabeth I.

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    Hace 23 horas · 16th–19th century. The scientific and technological advance in the late Joseon period was less progressed than the early Joseon period. 16th-century court physician, Heo Jun wrote a number of medical texts, his most significant achievement being Dongui Bogam, which is often noted as the defining text of Traditional Korean medicine.

  4. Hace 23 horas · Its collapse brought about political fragmentation that ended with the rise of the Toungoo Empire in the 16th century. Other notable kingdoms of the period include Srivijaya [377] and Lavo (both coming into prominence in the 7th century), Champa [378] and Hariphunchai (both about 750), [379] Đại Việt (968), [380] Lan Na (13th century), [381] Majapahit (1293), [382] Lan Xang (1353), [383 ...

  5. Hace 23 horas · The first African slaves in what would become the present-day United States of America arrived in Puerto Rico in the early 16th century, at the hands of the Portuguese. The island's native population was conquered by the Spanish settler Juan Ponce de León with the help of a free West African conquistador, Juan Garrido , by 1511.

  6. Hace 23 horas · Summer House about 290 Metres South East of Sharpham. Ashprington. Summerhouse. c1770-1780. 26 April 1993. SX8290457674. 50°24′26″N 3°38′57″W. /  50.407236°N 3.649198°W  / 50.407236; -3.649198  ( Summer House about 290 Metres South East of Sharpham) 1324937.

  7. Hace 23 horas · 演劇女子部 ミュージカル「TRIANGLE-トライアングル-」 (演出:吉田健、池袋サンシャイン劇場、2015年6月18日 - 28日、16公演) - 譜久村・鞘師・石田・佐藤・工藤・小田・尾形・野中・牧野・羽賀の10名が出演。. 演劇女子部「続・11人いる! 東の地平・西の永遠 ...