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  1. Hace 2 días · The history of California can be divided into the Native American period (about 10,000 years ago until 1542), the European exploration period (1542–1769), the Spanish colonial period (1769–1821), the Mexican Republic period (1823–1848), and United States statehood (September 9, 1850–present). California was one of the most culturally ...

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    Hace 1 día · In January 1780, 7,000 British troops, under General Sir John Vaughan, were transported to the West Indies. Nonetheless, opposition to the costly war was increasing, and in June 1780 contributed to disturbances in London known as the Gordon riots .

  3. Hace 17 horas · The Code of Hammurabi is a Babylonian legal text composed c. 1755–1750 BC. It is the longest, best-organised, and best-preserved legal text from the ancient Near East. It is written in the Old Babylonian dialect of Akkadian, purportedly by Hammurabi, sixth king of the First Dynasty of Babylon.

  4. 17 de mar. de 2023 · French Polynesia Tahiti, largest island of the Îles du Vent (Windward Islands) of the Society Islands, French Polynesia, in the central South Pacific Ocean. Its nearest neighbour is Moorea, 12 miles (20 km) to the northwest.

  5. Hace 3 días · Staatkundige veranderingen in 1780. 20 mei: Britse bezetting van de Kust van Coromandel. Kodagu wordt bezet door Mysore. Het graafschap Manderscheid-Blankenheim wordt het graafschap Sternberg-Manderscheid. Stichting van Balete. Het Sjeikdom al-Hasa wordt een vazal van Diriyah. Onafhankelijke landen

  6. Hace 2 días · Gran Hermano 2022 es la décima edición de la versión argentina del reality show holandés Big Brother.Es producido por Kuarzo Entertainment Argentina y se emite por Telefe —luego de dos ediciones en la pantalla de América TV—, retornando así a su canal de origen luego de una década.

  7. 20 de mar. de 2023 · Between 1780 and 1820, the nobility tightened its grasp over the opera via patronage and administration. While there were calls in the press for a reform of the opera, Hall-Witt suggests that reform was brought about chiefly through commercialisation and, perhaps as significantly, by the response of elite society to this process.