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  1. The 17th Street Canal is the largest and most important drainage canal in the city of New Orleans. Operating with Pump Station 6, it moves water into Lake Pontchartrain . The canal, along with the Orleans Canal and the London Avenue Canal , form the New Orleans Outfall Canals .

  2. Its use died out in the 17th century. This character can be represented using the reversed question mark (⸮) found in Unicode as U+2E2E; another character approximating it is the Arabic question mark (؟) , U+061F.

  3. Agamede (12th century BCE), physician in Ancient Greece (possibly mythical) Aglaonike (2nd century BCE), first woman astronomer in Ancient Greece; Agnodike (4th century BCE), first woman physician to practice legally in Athens: 2 Andromache (mid-6th century), Egyptian physician: 39 Anyte (300 BCE), Greek physician and poet: 40

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    Originating in the 17th century, it is a contraction of mistress. Its counterparts are Mrs., used for a married women who has taken her husband's name, and Ms., which can be used for married or unmarried women. The plural Misses may be used, such as in The Misses Doe.