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  1. 1870s fashion in European and European-influenced clothing is characterized by a gradual return to a narrow silhouette after the full-skirted fashions of the 1850s and 1860s Contents 1 Women's fashions

  2. Additionally, in the 1870s the site of Skull Hill was being strongly promoted by several notable figures in Jerusalem, including the American consul to Jerusalem, Selah Merril, who was also a Congregationalist minister and a member of the American Palestine Exploration Society, the Protestant Bishop of Jerusalem Samuel Gobat, who presided over the joint bishopric for Anglicans, Lutherans and ...

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    To Orthodox Russian peasants in the 1870s, such disregard of gender norms were both offensive and off-putting. When you consider the fact that nearly 60% of Narodnik women were from wealthy classes it becomes clear why the Russian peasant could not relate to most intellectuals in the movement intellectually, economically or socially.

  4. En tiempos de la colonia española, e incluso hasta los 1870s, la preparación criolla de vino era absolutamente artesanal. Se prensaban los sarmientos con las uvas en sencillos trapiches, o directamente eran pisadas en odres abiertos para, posteriormente, ser estacionadas en tinajas.