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  1. The Roman Republic (Italian: Repubblica Romana) was a sister republic of the First French Republic.It was proclaimed on 15 February 1798 after Louis-Alexandre Berthier, a general of Napoleon, had occupied the city of Rome on 10 February.

  2. The latter half of the 18th century continued to see French preeminence in Europe, particularly through the arts and sciences, and the French language was the lingua franca of the European courts. The French academic system continued to produce artists, but some, like Jean-Honoré Fragonard and Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin , explored new and increasingly impressionist styles of painting with ...

  3. O século XVIII começou no dia 1 de janeiro de 1701 e acabou no dia 31 de dezembro de 1800, segundo o Calendário gregoriano.. Durante o século XVIII, elementos do pensamento iluminista culminaram nas revoluções americana, francesa e haitiana.

  4. The List of Atlantic hurricanes in the 18th century encompasses all known Atlantic tropical cyclones from 1700 to 1799. Although not all of the data for every storm that occurred are available, some parts of the coastline were populated enough to provide data of hurricane occurrences.

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  7. Fans in the 18th century were made from a wide variety of materials depending on their style and purpose. During the 18th century fans were a fashion accessory and thus were made from the fashionable materials of the time. Sticks and handles. Sticks and handles could be made of gold, tortoise shell, ivory, mother-of-pearl, horn, or wood.