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    Hace 1 día · 1. Januar: Venezuela bricht seine diplomatischen Beziehungen zu Italien, Japan und dem Deutschen Reich ab. Die 33 verurteilten Mitglieder des Duquesne-Spionagerings (Foto des FBI). 2. Januar: Der größte Spionagefall der US-Geschichte endet mit der Verurteilung von 33 deutschen Agenten des Duquesne-Spionagerings zu Gefängnisstrafen, die sich ...

    • 1390/91 (Jahreswechsel Juli)
    • 98/99 (20./21. März)
    • 1934/35 (10./11. September)
  2. 16/06/2022 · Senator Hugh Ike Shott. Interim Democrat Joseph Rosier easily won the primary, [10] but lost the special election to finish the term that would end in January 1943 to former congressman and 1936 senate nominee Hugh Ike Shott . West Virginia special election, November 3, 1942 [2] [11] Party. Candidate.

  3. 18/06/2022 · The 1942 United States House of Representatives elections was held in the middle of President Franklin D. Roosevelt 's third term. It was the first wartime election in the United States since 1918. [1]

  4. 18/06/2022 · Battle of Midway - Wikipedia Battle of Midway The Battle of Midway was a major naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II that took place on 4–7 June 1942, six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor and one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea.

    • 4–7 June 1942
    • American victory, Destruction of all four Japanese aircraft carriers that participated in the battle, Sinkings of the USS Yorktown and Hammann, Turning point of the Pacific theater
  5. hace 4 días · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The list of shipwrecks in December 1942 includes all ships sunk, foundered, grounded, or otherwise lost during December 1942 . This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources. 1 December [ edit]

    World War II: The cargo ship (4,328 GRT, ...
    World War II: Convoy CL 61: The cargo ...
    World War II: Battle of Skerki Bank: The ...
    World War II: Battle of Skerki Bank: The ...
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    18/06/2022 · World War II Clockwise from top left: Chinese forces in the Battle of Changde Australian Ordnance QF 25-pounder guns during the First Battle of El Alamein German Stuka dive bombers on the Eastern Front in December 1943 US naval force in the Lingayen Gulf Wilhelm Keitel signing the German Instrument of Surrender Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad Date 1 September 1939 – 2 September ...