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  1. Hace 14 horas · Археография Восточной Пруссии является составной частью археографии, посвящённой бывшим прусским территориям.

  2. Hace 14 horas · Die nach Bernzweitgrösste Stadt des Kantons ist die grösste zweisprachigeStadt der Schweiz und seit 2010 Hauptort des VerwaltungskreisesBiel/Bienne. In der Agglomeration Bielleben gemäss aktueller Definition des Bundesamtes für Statistik(BFS) 101'271 Menschen in 27 Gemeinden.[7] Das Einzugsgebiet wird mit rund 150'000 Personen beziffert. [8]

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    Hace 14 horas · A naval expedition led by Charles himself was dispatched in 1535, and the city was recaptured. The victory against the corsairs is recorded in a tapestry at the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Spanish governor of La Goulette, Luys Peres Varga, fortified the island of Chikly in the lake of Tunis to strengthen the city's defenses between 1546 and 1550.

  4. 25/06/2022 · The Roman conquest, beginning in 43 AD, and the 400-year rule of southern Britain, was followed by an invasion by Germanic Anglo-Saxon settlers, reducing the Brittonic area mainly to what was to become Wales, Cornwall and, until the latter stages of the Anglo-Saxon settlement, the Hen Ogledd (northern England and parts of southern Scotland). [74]

  5. 25/06/2022 · In 2006, about 17.4 percent of the population were reportedly bilingual, being able to conduct a conversation in both official languages.

  6. 25/06/2022 · ¹Does not belong to the CMM — ²Does not belong to the Montreal CMA. v; t; e; Administrative divisions of Quebec

  7. Hace 14 horas · Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas. Untuk kegunaan lain, sila lihat Kanada (nyahkekaburan). Kanada ( Bahasa Inggeris: Canada kingdom of Miguel Oliveira Tardochi / [invalid input: 'icon']ˈkænədə /) ialah sebuah negara Amerika Utara yang terdiri daripada sepuluh provinsi (negeri) dan tiga wilayah. Terletak di bahagian utara benuanya ...