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  1. Hace 4 días · Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Alban [a] PC ( / ˈbeɪkən /; [5] 22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626), also known as Lord Verulam, was an English philosopher and statesman who served as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England under King James I. Bacon led the advancement of both natural philosophy and the scientific method and his works remaine...

  2. 1 de dic. de 2023 · Inicio 1 Primer Imperio (1821-1823) Alternar subsección Primer Imperio (1821-1823) 1.1 Regencias (1821-1822) 1.2 Emperador (1822-1823) 1.3 Gobierno provisional (1823-1824) 2 Primera República Federal (1824-1836) 3 República Centralista (1836-1846) 4 Segunda República Federal (1846-1853) Alternar subsección Segunda República Federal (1846-1853)

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    Hace 1 día · Terminology and periodisation Palais des Papes, Avignon The Middle Ages is one of the three major periods in the most enduring scheme for analysing European history: Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern Period. [2] A similar term first appears in Latin in 1469 as media tempestas ('middle season'). [3]

  4. Hace 2 días · The Thirty Years' War [l] was one of the longest and most destructive conflicts in European history, lasting from 1618 to 1648. Fought primarily in Central Europe, an estimated 4.5 to 8 million soldiers and civilians died as a result of battle, famine, and disease, while some areas of modern Germany experienced population declines of over 50%. [19]

  5. Hace 1 día · (September 2022) This is a list of cities in the Americas (South, Central and North) by founding year and present-day country. See also European colonization of the Americas List of oldest continuously inhabited cities References

  6. 16 de nov. de 2023 · Adolf van Nieuwenaar, Stadtholder (1584–1589) Maurice, Stadtholder (1590–1625) County of Holland, Lordship of Utrecht, County of Zeeland ( complete list) –. For the preceding rulers, look under the List of state leaders in the 16th-century Holy Roman Empire.

  7. Hace 2 días · Major epidemics and pandemics By death toll Ongoing epidemics and pandemics are in boldface. For a given epidemic or pandemic, the average of its estimated death toll range is used for ranking. If the death toll averages of two or more epidemics or pandemics are equal, then the smaller the range, the higher the rank.