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  1. Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Murat (known as Achille, 21 January 1801 – 15 April 1847) was the eldest son of Joachim Murat, the brother-in-law of Napoleon who was appointed King of Naples during the First French Empire.

  2. Prince Achille Murat. Napoleon’s nephew Achille Murat was one of the more eccentric Bonapartes. After growing up as the Crown Prince of Naples, he became a colourful Florida pioneer known as the “Prince of Tallahassee.”. Achille was independent-minded, restless and adventuresome, always seeking an elusive fortune.

  3. Achille Charles Louis Napoléon Murat (en italien : Achille Carlo Luigi Napoleone Murat), prince héritier de Berg (1806-1808) puis prince royal de Naples (1808-1815) et enfin 2 e prince Murat (1815-1847), est né le 21 janvier 1801 à l’Hôtel de Brionne à Paris, et mort le 15 avril 1847 dans sa résidence « Lipona », une ...

    • Achille Charles Louis Napoléon Murat
    • Prince Murat
  4. Joaquín Murat (en francés: Joachim Murat [ʒoakim myʁa], Labastide-Fortunière (después Labastide-Murat), 25 de marzo de 1767-Pizzo, 13 de octubre de 1815) fue un noble y militar francés al servicio de su cuñado Napoleón, gran duque de Berg, mariscal de Francia y rey de Nápoles entre 1808 y 1815.

    • Joaquín Napoleón
    • Fernando I
  5. ' Achille Murat, the Prince of Tallahassee, ' was one of Florida's most eccentric pioneers, son of Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte, one-time crown prince of Naples, and nephew of Napoleon.

  6. PRINCESSE ACHILLE MURAT. A Biographical Sketch. BY MRS. ELLEN CALL LONG. (First published in 1867.) Cold in death is the heart so long attuned to suffer-ing's call, friendship's genial mingling, and love's devo-tion. All that a prodigal nature gave in a noble, generous and gentle heart, with enchanting face and form, of

  7. Murat, Prince Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Papers by Alfred Jackson Hanna. Collection Overview. Collection Organization. Container Inventory. Scope and Contents. The collection contains A.J. Hanna's correspondence and research documentation for his book A Prince in Their Midst .