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  1. Son of Adarnase IV of Iberia: 941-945 March 945 Principality of Upper Tao: Unknown (of Klarjeti) (daughter of Ashot the Swift) one child Ashot II (გურგენ II დიდი)? Son of Adarnase IV of Iberia: 941-954 954 Principality of Lower Tao: Unmarried: Left no descendants. After his death his lands went to Iberia.

  2. In 888 Adarnase IV of Iberia restored the Georgian monarchy; various native polities then united into the Kingdom of Georgia, which prospered from the 11th to the 13th century. This period of time, particularly the reigns of David IV the Builder (1089–1125) and of his great-granddaughter Tamar the Great (1184–1213) inaugurated the Georgian Golden Age in the history of Georgia.

  3. Most scholars link the creation of the Georgian script to the process of Christianization of Iberia (not to be confused with the Iberian Peninsula), a core Georgian kingdom of Kartli. The alphabet was therefore most probably created between the conversion of Iberia under King Mirian III (326 or 337) and the Bir el Qutt inscriptions of 430, [9] contemporaneously with the Armenian alphabet . [10]

  4. The restoration of the Georgian kingship begins in AD 888, when Adarnase IV took the title of "King of Iberians". However, the Bagrationi dynasty failed to maintain the integrity of their kingdom which was actually divided between the three branches of the family with the main branch retaining Tao and another controlling Klarjeti .

  5. In 580, Hormizd IV (578–590) abolished the monarchy after the death of King Bakur III, and Iberia became a Persian province ruled by a marzpan (governor). Georgian nobles urged the Byzantine emperor Maurice to revive the kingdom of Iberia in 582, but in 591 Byzantium and Persia agreed to divide Iberia between them, with Tbilisi to be in Persian hands and Mtskheta to be under Byzantine control.

  6. Adarnase IV of Iberia: Nasra of Tao-Klarjeti Kingdom of Abkhazia Byzantine Empire: Victory 887 Bagrat I of Abkhazia back throne Bagrat I of Abkhazia Byzantine Empire: Adarnase of Abkhazia: Victory 888 Adarnase returned Kartli Tao-Klarjeti: Kingdom of Abkhazia: Victory 891 Civil war Adarnase IV of Iberia Bagrat I of Klarjeti: Gurgen I of Tao ...

  7. The Kartli line prevailed; in 888 Adarnase IV of Iberia (r. 888–923) restored the indigenous royal authority dormant since 580. Despite the revitalization of the Iberian monarchy , remaining Georgian lands were divided among rival authorities, with Tbilisi remaining in Arab hands .