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  1. Die nachfolgende Stammliste der Hohenzollern erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Es wurde jedoch versucht, möglichst alle wichtigen Mitglieder aufzuführen.

  2. Princess Augusta Sophia was born at Buckingham House, London, the sixth child and second daughter of George III (1738–1820) and his wife Queen Charlotte.Her father so much wanted the new baby to be a girl that the doctor presiding over the labour thought fit to protest that "whoever sees those lovely Princes above stairs must be glad to have another."

  3. Frederick William II (German: Friedrich Wilhelm II.; 25 September 1744 – 16 November 1797) was King of Prussia from 1786 until his death in 1797. He was in personal union the Prince-elector of Brandenburg and (via the Orange-Nassau inheritance of his grandfather) sovereign prince of the Canton of Neuchâtel.

  4. Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (complete list) – Frederick William II, Grand Duke (1860–1904) Adolphus Frederick V, Grand Duke (1904–1914) Adolphus Frederick VI, Grand Duke (1914–1918) Grand Duchy of Oldenburg (complete list) – Frederick Augustus II, Grand Duke (1900–1918) Upper Saxon. Duchy of Anhalt (complete list) –

  5. Duke Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (10 October 1873 – 5 August 1969) he married Princess Viktoria Feodora of Reuss zu Schleiz (21 April 1889 – 18 December 1918) on 24 April 1917. They have one daughter Duchess Woizlawa Feodora of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1918-2019), later Princess Reuß zu Köstritz .

  6. Franz Joseph I or Francis Joseph I (German: Franz Joseph Karl, Hungarian: Ferenc József Károly, 18 August 1830 – 21 November 1916) was Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, and the other states of the Habsburg monarchy from 2 December 1848 until his death on 21 November 1916.

  7. Early life. Born in Charlottenburg on 7 May 1767, Frederica Charlotte was the eldest child of the future Frederick William II of Prussia, and the only child of his first wife and cousin, Elisabeth Christine of Brunswick-Lüneburg.