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  1. Hace 19 horas · El Consejo de Gobierno concede la ... como Vicente Aleixandre, Juan Ramón Jiménez, Camilo José Cela o Adolfo ... por la Universidad de Cambridge con una investigación sobre la ...

  2. Hace 19 horas · Traditionalism ( Spanish: tradicionalismo) is a Spanish political doctrine formulated in the early 19th century and developed until today. It understands politics as implementing the social kingship of Jesus Christ, with Catholicism as the state religion and Catholic religious criteria regulating public morality and every legal aspect of Spain.

  3. Hace 19 horas · Promoters of a current 'climate crisis' often call modern warming and/or events within it, 'unprecedented'. However, compared to events like this: "A Neanderthal would have experienced increases in the average temperature of several degrees over the course of their life" [explains Prof.], not much is presently going on.