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  1. Adolph Schwarzenberg’s property was subsequently stolen through abuse of Benes Decrees No. 5/1945 Coll. and No. 12/1945 Coll. and Adolph Schwarzenberg’s managers, Dr. Adamec and Ing. Zumr, became National Administrators in September 1945, administrators on behalf of the Czech state in June 1948.

  2. Poslední na Hluboké : kníže Adolf II. ze Schwarzenbergu, 1890-1950 by F. X Havlíček ( Book ); Der letzte Fürst vom Frauenberg : Leben und Wirken des Fürsten Adolph II. zu Schwarzenberg (1890-1950) by F. X Havlíček ( Book )

  3. had been resting here just a moment ago. “Doesn’t it look as if Adolf Schwarzenberg. has just got up?” guide Iveta Balounová asks in one of the chateau rooms. There is an. exquisite porcelain service on a table; the impression is slightly spoilt by the sturdy. filament threaded through it to prevent theft.

  4. The Author states that the Nazis German Government had confiscated all of her family`s properties in Austria, Germany, and Czechoslovakia, including an estate in Czechoslovakia known as the Stekl“ in 1940. She states that the property was confiscated because her adoptive grandfather Dr. Adolph Schwarzenberg was an opponent of Nazi policies.

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    Born in 1551 into a family in service to the Archbishop of Cologne, Adolph Schwarzenberg -- the first of these three figures -- spent his early military career in the Low Countries, bearing arms for the Spanish Habsburgs (siege of Mons), after which he became a court servant of a Wittelsbach, canon of Cologne.

  6. Jean-Adolphe de Schwarzenberg [1] est né le 20 septembre 1615 à Wermelskirchen, alors terre du Saint-Empire. Il est le fils du comte Adam de Schwarzenberg et Marguerite de Pallant. Diplomate avisé, il a d'abord servi à Vienne , avant d'entrer au service de Léopold-Guillaume de Habsbourg , alors gouverneur général des Pays-Bas espagnols , dont il devint le chambellan [ 2 ] .

  7. Johann Adolph, erster Fürst von Schwarzenberg (geb. 1615, gest. zu Wien, 23. Mai 1683), von der heut noch blühenden fürstlichen Linie, ein Sohn des Grafen Adam [s. d. S. 10, Nr. 1], aus dessen Ehe mit Margarethe Hartard Freiin von Pallant. Der nicht minder berühmte Sohn eines berühmten Vaters, dessen Geschicke den Sohn bestimmt haben ...