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  1. 2 de dic. de 2022 · Agnes Moorehead, in full Agnes Robertson Moorehead, (born Dec. 6, 1900, Clinton, Mass., U.S.—died April 30, 1974, Rochester, Minn.), versatile American actress who is best remembered for her portrayals of strong, eccentric characters and whose career extended to radio, the stage, film, and television.

  2. Agnes was born of Anglo-Irish ancestry near Boston, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister (her mother was a mezzo-soprano) who encouraged her to perform in church pageants. Aged three, she sang 'The Lord is my Shepherd' on a public stage and seven years later joined the St. Louis Municipal Opera as a dancer and singer for four years.

  3. Agnes Robertson Moorehead ( 6 d'avientu de 1900 , Clinton (es) – 30 d'abril de 1974 , Rochester ), foi una actriz d' Estaos Xuníos de cine y televisión. [5] Ella ye conocida principalmente pol so papel como Endora na serie de televisión Abruxada .

  4. The Conqueror (en Hispanoamérica, El conquistador; en España, El conquistador de Mongolia) es una película de 1956 producida por Howard Hughes y dirigida por Dick Powell, con John Wayne en el papel del caudillo mongol Ghengis Khan y Susan Hayward en el de la princesa Bortai; el reparto incluyó también a Agnes Moorehead, Pedro Armendáriz, William …

  5. 30 de abr. de 2021 · Late actress Agnes Moorehead lost her life 47 years ago today to uterine cancer at 67 years old. Moorehead was a private star and believed that as an actress, her job was to give off a sense of mystery. A leading expert explains one of the early symptoms to look out for with uterine, or endometrial, cancer: abnormal bleeding.

  6. 7 de jun. de 2019 · Perhaps better known as Endora, the witch from "Bewitched," Agnes Moorehead sadly passed from cancer in 1974. Moorehead claimed she got the illness from a feature film she starred in, and she was not the only one. Fans of classic films may remember the sappy 1956 movie "The Conqueror." It was a movie centered on the love affair between a ...

  7. 31 de ago. de 2020 · Agnes Moorehead’s twilight years were filled with a mixture of sporadic work engagements and inactivity. At this point in her career, the actress was often battling ill health and spent a large majority of her time recuperating at her mothers house. When she wasn’t plagued with some medical woe, Moorehead was back in the realms of her career.

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