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  1. Albine de Montholon (18 December 1779 - 25 March 1848) was a French noblewoman, and the wife of Charles Tristan, marquis de Montholon. She was reputed to be the mistress of Napoleon during his exile on Saint Helena .

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    Like Lowe, Charles de Montholon has a bad reputation. While Lowe’s star has risen over the years, Montholon’s has sunk. This is mainly due to the theory that Napoleon died of arsenic poisoning and that Montholon was the most likely poisoner. This accusation – first put forward by a Swedish dentist, Sten Forshufvud, in 1961 and widely promulgated by...

    Charles de Montholon’s reputation did not start out high. Montholon had a tendency to embellish his record with unsubstantiated facts. Among the British officers on St. Helena, he was known as “Liar,” a nickname Albert Benhamoutraces back to a remark Napoleon made to Dr. Barry O’Meara in February 1816. Hudson Lowe said of Montholon: Montholon, who ...

    After Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterlooin 1815, Charles de Montholon inserted himself in Napoleon’s retinue. He became one of the few officers allowed to accompany the Emperor to St. Helena. Albine and Tristan went with him. Initially thinking they were going just to England, Albine left their eight-month-old son Charles-Frédéric (1814-18...

    After Napoleon’s deathon May 5, 1821, Charles de Montholon returned to Europe. He rejoined Albine and the children, and embarked on a life of grandeur. He bought a hotel in Paris and joined numerous business ventures, none of them very successful. By the late 1820s, he was bankrupt, with a debt of almost 4 million francs. In 1828, Albine – who had ...

  2. 30 de ene. de 2021 · Qui était Albine de Montholon, la dernière maîtresse de Napoléon. Dans le huis clos de Sainte-Hélène, Napoléon a pu compter sur Mme de Montholon pour consoler sa solitude… Avec une belle...

  3. Albine fue una dama francesa que protagonizó un pequeño escándalo al casarse con el general Charles-Tristán de Montholon, que era uno de los hombres de Napol...

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  4. 5 de may. de 2021 · La lejanía y la soledad hacen mella en el estado anímico del soberano caído, ¡especialmente desde que la gentil Albine-Hélène de Montholon ha regresado a Europa!

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  5. 24 de sept. de 2023 · Countess Albine de Montholon. With her portrait painted by one of the most well-known French artists of the era, it is not surprising to learn that Countess Albine was one of Napoleon I’s...

  6. Charles Tristan, Marquis de Montholon ( French pronunciation: [ʃaʁl tʁistɑ̃ də mɔ̃tɔlɔ̃]; 21 July 1783 [1] – 21 August 1853 [2]) was a French general during the Napoleonic Wars. He chose to go into exile on Saint Helena with the ex-emperor after Napoleon 's second abdication.