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  1. Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi (1406 – 2 de marzo de 1471) fue una mujer florentina de una familia de mercaderes políticos del siglo XV. Alessandra es más conocida por sus cartas, en las cuales detallaba su tozuda lucha por preservar la propiedad y posición de su familia en la Florencia de los Médici . [ 1 ]

  2. Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi (c. 1408 – March c. 1471) was a Florentine Renaissance business and noblewoman known for her preserved correspondence which chronicled her financial and political struggles in Medici Florence.

    • March 1471, Florence, Italy
    • Alessandra di Filippo Macinghi, c. 1408, Florence,Italy
    • Matteo di Simone Strozzi
    • Capella Strozzi di Mantova in Basilica di Santa Maria Novella
  3. Alessandra Strozzi (née Macinghi) (Florence, c. 1406–1471), the widow of a member of the Florentine mercantile patriciate, Matteo di Simone Strozzi (1397–1435), is known to posterity primarily as the author of seventy-three surviving letters dated between 1447 and 1470.

  4. 20 de ago. de 2022 · Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi (ca. 1407–1471) wrote numerous letters to her sons, of which 73 survive. These letters, though very often personal in nature, describe and document the challenges and conditions of noble life in fifteenth-century Florence. Keywords. Florence; Fifteenth century; Italy; Letters; Plague

  5. Much of what is known about Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi (1408–1471) is recorded in her letters, along with the tribulations faced by her family. These include exile, formal and informal, political strife with the Medici, living with the plague, and the death of her husband and three of her children. Her letters not only document the

  6. 20 de nov. de 2018 · Letters to Her Sons, 1447–1470. Alessandra Macinghi Strozzi. Ed. and trans. Judith Bryce. The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series 46; Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies 493. Toronto: Iter Academic Press; Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2016. xv + 294 pp. $39.95. - Volume 70 Issue 2