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  1. From that time forth, the Count Palatine of the Rhine was usually known as the Elector Palatine (Kurfürst von der Pfalz). The position of prince-elector had existed earlier (for example, when two rival kings of Germany were elected in 1257: Richard of Cornwall and Alfonso X of Castile ), though it is difficult to determine exactly the earliest date of the office.

  2. Prince Albert, the Prince Consort (26 August 1819 – 14 December 1861), lived long enough to see only one of his children (the Princess Royal) married and two of his grandchildren born (Wilhelm II, 1859–1941, and his sister Princess Charlotte of Prussia, 1860–1919), while Queen Victoria (24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901) lived long enough to see not only all her grandchildren, but many of ...

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    A late-Gothic Protestant hall church, construction began in 1493, as a gift from Alexander, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken on his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. [6] Karlskirche – The Karlskirche was built between 1708 and 1711 by the architect Haquinus Schlang from Sweden on behalf of the Swedish King Charles XII in his capacity as Duke of Zweibrücken.

  4. Charles XI or Carl (Swedish: Karl XI; 4 December [O.S. 24 November] 1655 – 15 April [O.S. 5 April] 1697) was King of Sweden from 1660 until his death, in a period of Swedish history known as the Swedish Empire (1611–1721).

  5. Origin. The family was established by Pribislav, an Obotrite (Slavic) prince who converted to Christianity and accepted the suzerainty of Saxon Duke Henry the Lion (r. 1142–1180), his fallen father's enemy, and became the Lord of Mecklenburg (derived from Mikla Burg, "big fortress", their main fortress).

  6. Count of Oldenburg r. 1450-1482 1430-1500: Kings of Denmark: Adolph Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst r. 1482-1500 before 1463-1500: John V Count of Oldenburg r. 1500-1526 1460-1526: John VI Count of Oldenburg r. 1526-1529 1501-1548: George Count of Oldenburg r. 1526-1529: Christopher Count of Oldenburg r. 1526-1566 c. 1504-1566: Anthony I Count ...

  7. Frederica of Baden was seen as a suitable choice: Russia could not officially disapprove a new bride after the Russian Grand Duchess had been refused if the bride was the sister-in-law of Grand Duke Alexander, which indirectly preserved an alliance between Sweden and Russia, and additionally, Gustaf IV Adolf wanted a beautiful spouse and expected her to be so after having had a good impression ...