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  1. Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II crusades in Egypt without papal support; al-Kamil negotiates treaty with Frederick II over control of Jerusalem. 1235: Byzantines retake Asia Minor : 1236 – 1238: In Spain, Ferdinand III of Castile attacks the city of Cordova, the Christian army of Aragon takes the city of Valencia from Muslim rule: 1244

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    The Crusades to the Holy Land are the best known of the religious wars associated with the term, beginning in 1095 and lasting some two centuries. These Crusades began with the fervent desire to wrest the Holy Land from the Muslims, and ran through eight major numbered crusades and dozens of minor crusades over the period.

  3. In the crusades, Christian forces tried to re-take control of the Holy Land. There were many different crusades. The biggest and most important happened between the 11th century and the 13th century. During this time, there were 9 large crusades. They are numbered 1 through 9. There were also many smaller crusades.

  4. Post 1991 Conflicts. Revolutionary War 1775-1783. Battle Streamer: Revolutionary War 1775-1783 "Birthday" of the U.S. Navy. Bibliography: American Revolution, 1775-1783

  5. Frederick, Fred, Federico, Frederic, Friedrich. Meaning: peace-ruler. Saint Frederick was a bishop who established order throughout his diocese. He sent eager, faith-filled and holy missionaries to the places where paganism still existed. He was good at caring for the spiritual growth of converts.

  6. A wealthy man with roots in Frederick and Prince George’s counties. His men sustained few casualties at Brooklyn and continued to fight through the remainder of 1776. He resigned his commission in the summer of 1777 to be with his family. 1st Lt. Alexander Murray 2nt Lt. Henry Chew Gaither Ens. Walter Brooke Cox Sgt. Peter Clarke Sgt. Alexius ...

  7. 1927 - Perché non sono cristiano (Why I Am Not a Christian), London: Watts. 1927 - Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell, New York: Modern Library. 1928 - Saggi scettici (Sceptical Essays), TEA ISBN 978-88-502-0551-6; 1929 - Matrimonio e morale (Marriage and Morals), Longanesi ISBN 978-88-304-2443-2, TEA ISBN 978-88-502-1813-4