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  1. Alice of France (French: Alix; July/August 1150 – 1197/1198) was countess consort of Blois by marriage to Theobald V, Count of Blois.She was regent of Blois during the absence of her spouse in 1190-1191, and regent during the minority of Louis I, Count of Blois from 1191 until 1197.

  2. Her maternal grandparents were William IV of Ponthieu and Alys, Countess of the Vexin, daughter of Louis VII of France and Constance of Castile. Marriage negotiations [ edit ] After secret negotiations were undertaken in 1234, it was agreed that Joan would marry King Henry III of England . [3]

  3. When Richard was nine years old, he was engaged to marry the fourth daughter of Louis VII of France, Alys, Countess of the Vexin. The marriage never went ahead, and it was suspected that Henry II took Alys for his mistress.

  4. Richard a atacat Messina și a capturat-o pe 4 octombrie 1190. După ce a jefuit și ars orașul, Richard și-a stabilit baza. Dar au izbucnit tensiuni între el și Filip pe tema căsătoriei lui Richard cu Alys, sora regelui francez. El a rămas aici până când Tancred a agreat să semneze tratatul pe 4 martie 1191 împreună cu Filip.

  5. 09/11/2018 · Ela, Countess of Salisbury died on 24 August 1261 and was buried in Lacock Abbey. The incription on her tombstone, originally written in Latin, reads: Below lie buried the bones of the venerable Ela, who gave this sacred house as a home for the nuns. She also had lived here as holy abbess and Countess of Salisbury, full of good works[5]

  6. 1168年,年僅11歲的理查受封為阿基坦公爵,為了得到阿基坦,他向法蘭克人的國王路易七世效忠並與路易的女兒 法蘭西的艾莉絲 ( 英语 : Alys of France, Countess of Vexin ) 訂婚以換取四年以後到阿基坦就任。 王位糾紛. 理查從16歲起,就捲入了王室的內戰。

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