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  2. Princess Amalie Marie Auguste (9 October 1790 – 24 January 1794), died in childhood. Princess Caroline Augusta (8 February 1792 – 9 February 1873), married William I of Württemberg, and then Francis II of Austria. Prince Karl Theodor Maximilian (7 July 1795 – 16 August 1875), married morganatically to Marie-Anne-Sophie Petin.

  3. Palatinate-Zweibrücken: Amalie of Brandenburg 19 April 1478 Zweibrücken no children Louis V the Pacific (Ludwig V. der Friedfertige) 2 July 1478: 28 February 1508 – 16 March 1544: 16 March 1544: Electoral Palatinate: Sibylle of Bavaria 23 February 1511 Heidelberg no children: Left no descendants. He was succeeded by his brother. John II: 21 ...

  4. Philip William of Neuburg, Elector Palatine (German: Philipp Wilhelm) (24 November 1615 – 2 September 1690) was Count Palatine of Neuburg from 1653 to 1690, Duke of Jülich and Berg from 1653 to 1679 and Elector of the Palatinate from 1685 to 1690. He was the son of Wolfgang Wilhelm, Count Palatine of Neuburg and Magdalene of Bavaria

  5. Childhood. Born in the castle in Graz on 9 July 1578, Ferdinand was the son of Charles II, Archduke of Austria, and Maria of Bavaria. Charles II, who was the youngest son of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, had inherited the Inner Austrian provinces—Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Gorizia, Fiume, Trieste and parts of Istria and Friuli—from his father in 1564.

  6. Charles Louis, Elector Palatine (German: Karl I. Ludwig; 22 December 1617 – 28 August 1680), was the second son of Frederick V of the Palatinate, the "Winter King" of Bohemia, and of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia and sister of Charles I of England.

  7. Johann Wilhelm II, Elector Palatine ("Jan Wellem" in Low German, English: "John William"; 19 April 1658 – 8 June 1716) of the Wittelsbach dynasty was Elector Palatine (1690–1716), Duke of Neuburg (1690–1716), Duke of Jülich and Berg (1679–1716), and Duke of Upper Palatinate and Cham (1707–1714).