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  1. Amalia's mother stands in the center, her sisters on the queen's right and a 6-year-old Amalia on the left, in light blue. Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia was born on 9 November 1723 in Berlin , Kingdom of Prussia as the 12th child and 7th daughter of King Frederick William I (1688–1740) and his wife, born Princess Sophia Dorothea of Hanover (1687–1757).

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  3. At age 13 Elisabeth Christine became engaged to the future Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, through negotiations between her ambitious grandfather, Anthony Ulrich, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Charles' sister-in-law, Empress Wilhelmine Amalia, whose father was John Frederick, Duke of Brunswick-Calenberg and thus belonged to another branch of the House of Welf.

  4. Dona Maria Manuela (15 October 1527 – 12 July 1545) was the eldest daughter and second child of King John III of Portugal and his wife Catherine of Austria.She was Princess of Asturias and Duchess of Milan as the first wife of the future Philip II of Spain, and Princess of Portugal as heir presumptive to the Portuguese throne between 1527 and 1535.

  5. Isabella of Bourbon-Parma (Spanish: Isabel María Luisa Antonieta Fernanda Josefa Javiera Dominica Juana de Borbón-Parma, German: Isabella Maria Luise Antonia Ferdinanda Josepha Xaveria Dominika Johanna von Bourbon-Parma; 31 December 1741 – 27 November 1763) was a princess of Parma and infanta of Spain from the House of Bourbon-Parma as the daughter of Philip, Duke of Parma.

  6. Francisco nació en Florencia, Toscana, hijo mayor de Leopoldo II (1747-1792) y de la infanta María Luisa de España (1745-1792). Por lado paterno era nieto de la emperatriz María Teresa I de Austria y del emperador Francisco I (de quién recibió su nombre), mientras que por lado materno lo era del rey Carlos III de España y María Amalia de Sajonia.

  7. Élisabeth soon came to dominate Philip; though he was eight years her senior, he, as his father, was reportedly of a timid, passive and submissive nature, and Élisabeth reportedly felt affection for him but generally treated him as "a boy much younger than herself although he was older than her by eight years".