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  1. Princess Anna Petrovna Lopukhina (Russian: Анна Петровна Лопухина; 8 November 1777 – 25 April 1805) was a royal mistress to Emperor Paul of Russia. In 1798, she replaced Catherine Nelidova as the chief mistress.

  2. 2 de abr. de 2016 · Paul I and Anna Lopukhina. Source: Vladimir Borovikovsky, Stepan Shchukin. Catherine II's son Paul I was a Grand Master of the Maltese Order and considered himself a real knight, and every...

  3. Anna Lopukhina fue una noble rusa del siglo XIX nacida en 1795 en San Petersburgo. Se casó con el príncipe Aleksandr Kurakin en 1815 y tuvieron dos hijos. Sin embargo, el matrimonio fue infeliz y Anna se refugió en su fe ortodoxa.

  4. Princess Anna Petrovna Lopukhina was a royal mistress to Emperor Paul of Russia. Background. She was the daughter of Pyotr Vasilyevich Lopukhin, from one of the oldest families of Russian nobility, which owed its distinction to Eudoxia Lopukhina"s marriage to Peter the Great and of which the unfortunate Natalia Lopukhina was also a member. Career.

  5. Though he had been married to a Russian noble lady Eudoxia Lopukhina since 1689, he had no feelings for the wife imposed on him, but immediately fell for Anna Mons, a young and beautiful German...

  6. But when Paul became infatuated with the nineteen-year-old beauty Anna Lopukhina shortly after the birth of their tenth son, Michael, in 1798, Maria saw red. Anna was from one of Russia’s oldest noble families—the same family that Paul’s first wife had belonged to.

  7. Natalia Fyodorovna Lopukhina (November 11 1699 – March 11 1763) was a Russian noble, court official and alleged political conspirator. She was a daughter of Matryona Balk, who was sister of Anna Mons and Willem Mons.