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  1. Anna Jagiellon (Polish: Anna Jagiellonka, Lithuanian: Ona Jogailaitė; 18 October 1523 – 9 September 1596) was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania from 1575 to 1587. Daughter of Polish King Sigismund I the Old and Italian duchess Bona Sforza, Anna received multiple proposals, but remained unmarried until the age of 52.

  2. Anne of Austria (16 August 1573 – 10 February 1598) was Queen of Poland and Sweden as the first consort of King Sigismund III Vasa . Biography. Anne was a daughter of Charles II of Austria and Maria Anna of Bavaria. She was the grandchild of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor and Anne of Bohemia and Hungary (1503–1547).

  3. Princess Anna of Poland (1366–1425) was a Polish princess born into the House of Piast, and by marriage was Countess of Celje, also called Cilli, a medieval feudal dynasty within the Holy Roman Empire. She was an influential woman in politics of Poland .

  4. Summary. ANNA JAGIELLON (1523– 1596) was a Jagiellonian princess, the daughter of King Sigismund the Old of Poland and Bona Sforza. Anna's political career started when her brother, Sigismund II August, died in 1572, leaving his three sisters, Anna, Sophie, and Catherine, the heiresses to his considerable wealth.

  5. Anna of Poland (1366–1425) was countess consort of Cilli, a medieval Slovenian feudal state, and an influential woman in politics of Poland. She was daughter of King Casimir III of Poland, who was succeeded, not by Anna nor any of Casimir's own descendants, but by Casimir's nephew, King Louis I of Hungary.

  6. La reina Ana de Austria (1549-1580), cuarta y última mujer de Felipe II, aparece representada de tres cuartos recortada sobre un fondo neutro en el que se proyecta la sombra de su silueta. Viste una saya negra sobre la que se unen los cabos de una toca blanca mediante algún joyel que tapa la mano derecha.

  7. La reina Ana de Austria. Hacia 1616. Óleo sobre lienzo, 108,5 x 87 cm. No expuesto. Hija de Maximiliano II y de María de Austría, doña Ana (1549-1580) se casó con su tío Felipe II en 1570, y fue madre de Felipe III.