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  1. Asquith, Emma Alice Margaret, (1864-1945) Countess of Oxford and Asquith, socialite, author, and wit Asquith, Herbert Henry, (1852-1928), 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith, statesman Bagot, Sir Charles, (1781-1843), Knight, diplomat, Governor General of Canada

  2. Anne Lennard, Countess of Sussex was claimed to be Charles' and he recognised her, though some sources regard Roger Palmer as her father. Palmer claimed Lady Barbara FitzRoy was Charles' daughter, however he never recognised her and most sources consider John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough her likely father.

  3. Full text of "The Knights of England.A complete record from the earliest time to the present day of the knights of all the orders of chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and of knights bachelors, incorporating a complete list of knights bachelors dubbed in Ireland"

  4. 查理一世與亨麗埃塔·瑪麗亞王后的長子。 1630年5月29日(新曆1630年6月8日)生於聖詹姆士宮。 從出世起,查理二世即為康瓦爾公爵、羅撒西公爵、切斯特伯爵、卡里克伯爵與倫弗魯男爵。

  5. Karel II. Stuart (29. května 1630 – 6. února 1685) byl král Anglie, Skotska a Irska.. Jeho otec, král Karel I. Stuart, podlehl svým protivníkům a anglickému parlamentu v občanské válce a byl 30. ledna 1649 popraven.

  6. Anne Lennard, Countess of Sussex (1661–1722). She may have been the daughter of Roger Palmer, but Charles accepted her. Charles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Cleveland (1662–1730). Henry FitzRoy, 1st Duke of Grafton (1663–1690). Ancestor of the Dukes of Grafton. Charlotte Lee, Countess of Lichfield (1664–1717).