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  1. Anne Catherine became Queen of Denmark on 27 November 1597 when she was married to Christian IV. The wedding took place in the castle of Haderslevhus in South Jutland the year after the coronation of Christian IV. She was crowned queen in 1598. She was given Beate Huitfeldt as the head of her ladies-in-waiting.

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    Anne of Austria, Landgravine of Thuringia (1432–1462) Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg (died 1514) Anna, Duchess of Prussia (1576–1625) Anna of Russia (1693–1740) Anna, Lady Miller (1741–1781) Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford (1783–1857) Anna, Lady Barlow (1873–1965) Anna (feral child) (1932–1942) Anna (singer) (born 1987) Places Australia

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