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  1. Antoine-Henri Jomini. Antoine-Henri Jomini ( Payerne, cantón de Vaud, Suiza, 6 de marzo de 1779 - Bruselas, Bélgica, 22 de marzo de 1869) fue un general suizo . Índice 1 Biografía 2 Obra 3 Bibliografía 4 Véase también Biografía [ editar]

  2. Antoine-Henri Jomini ( French: [ʒɔmini]; 6 March 1779 – 22 March 1869) [1] was a Swiss military officer who served as a general in French and later in Russian service, and one of the most celebrated writers on the Napoleonic art of war.

  3. 09/05/2020 · Antoine-Henri Baron de Jomini (b. 1779–d. 1869) has become one of the most influential military theorists of the modern age. His principles, which at some point formed the basis for military education, have influenced teaching in European and North American military academies through the 19th century.

  4. JOMINI, Antoine Henri, Baron de Print Share it The man they called the “devin de Napoléon” (the man who guessed what Napoleon was about), because he wrote a definition of his way of making war, was born in Payerne (Switzerland), in the Vaud canton on 6 March, 1779, into a wealthy family ( 1 ).

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    Jomini was born on March 6, 1779, in the town of Payerne, located in the Swiss canton of Vaud. His parents, of Italian descent, were of modest means and gave their son a good education. As a child he was fascinated by soldiers and the art of war and was eager to attend the Prince de Wurtemberg's military academy in Montbelliard, but his family's ci...

    In 1799 Jomini was appointed bureau chief within the Swiss war office, and in the following months, now with the rank of major, he reorganized the ministry for the Swiss War. He drew on his growing knowledge of military operations to standardize several procedures, taking advantage of his position to experiment with organizational systems and strat...

    Jomini's writings, which constitute over 25 translated works, continued to influence military leaders in both Europe and North America for much of the nineteenth century. His systematization of Napoleon's modus operandi became accepted military doctrine during the U.S. Civil War and was used by generals at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. However, ...

    Charters, David A., and others, editors, Military History and the Military Profession,Praeger, 1992. Earle, Edward M., editor, Makers of Modern Strategy: Military Thought from Machiavelli to Hitler, Princeton UniversityPress, 1944. Handel, Michael I., Masters of War: Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, and Jomini,Frank Cass, 1992. Howard, Michael, editor, The The...

    Galaxy,January-July 1869. Marine Corps Gazette,December 1970; August 1988. Military Affairs,Spring 1964; December 1974. Military Review,February 1959. Naval War College Review,autumn, 1990.

  5. Antoine-Henri Jomini (Payerne, 6 de marzo de 1779 - París, 22 de marzo de 1869) fue un banquero, oficial militar e historiador suizo que sirvió en el personal de Ney y Napoleón. Nació el 6 de marzo de 1779 en Payerne, en el cantón suizo de Vaud.

  6. 24/06/2014 · Background. Antoine-Henri Jomini was a Swiss citizen who served in the French and Russian armies during the Napoleonic wars. Capitalising on Napoleon’s success as a pragmatist and simultaneous failure as a theorist, Jomini’s literary contributions dominated the military-strategic consciousness of European armies and their conduct of war in the first half of the nineteenth century (Strachan ...