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  1. Arghun : 683-690AH 1284-1291AD أرغون: Gaykhatu : 690-694AH 1291-1295AD كيخاتو: Baydu : 694AH 1295AD بايدو: Ghazan Mahmud : 694-703AH 1295-1304AD غازان محمود: Uljaytu: 703-716AH 1304-1316AD أولجايتو: Abu Sa'id: 716-736AH 1316-1335AD أبو سعيد: Arpa Khan: 736AH 1335-1336AD: اربا خاى: Musa Khan

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    30/07/2012 · Marco Polo (1254-1324) was a Venetian merchant believed to have journeyed across Asia at the height of the Mongol Empire. He first set out at age 17 with his

  3. The impressive royal mausolea are divided into two major clusters: those from the Samma period form their own cluster, while those from the Tarkhan, Arghun, and Mughals periods are clustered together. Samma cluster. Tombs dating from the Samma Dynasty are clustered together in a 5-acre section at the northern end of the necropolis.

  4. The Kalhora dynasty (Sindhi: ڪلهوڙا راڄ, romanized: Kalhora Raj) was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Sindhi Kalhora origin based in the region of Sindh in what is now Pakistan.

  5. En 1289 con el jan Arghun, el ministro judío Said al-Dawla encargó el gobierno de Tabriz a su primo Abu Mansur. En 1294 se produjo una revuelta debido a la introducción de los asignados (čao). En 1294 el jan Ghazan llegó a Tabriz y se estableció en un palacio construido unos años antes por Arghun en el barrio de Sham, al oeste de Tabriz.

  6. For the next 16 or 17 years the Polos lived in the emperor’s dominions, which included, among other places, Cathay (now North China) and Mangi, or “Manzi” (now South China). They may have moved with the court from Shangdu, to the winter residence, Dadu, or “Taidu” (modern Beijing). Unfortunately, because Marco’s book Il milione is only incidentally a biography and autobiography, it ...

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    Hulagu · Abaka · Teguder · Arghun · Geikhatu · Baidu · Ghazan · Öljeitü · Abu Sa'id · Arpa · Musa · Mohammed: Timoeriden: Timoer Lenk · Pir Mohammed · Shahrukh Mirza · Abu'l-Qasim Bābar · Sjāh Mahmūd · Ibrāhim · Sultān Abu Sa'id Gūrgān · Yādgār Muhammad · Sultān Hussayn · Badi ul-Zamān · Muzaffar Hussayn ...