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    Huff of Arklow for Douglas Heard was 30'-0" on the waterline and Flying Fox for Fred Brownlee was 35'-0" waterline length. Uffa Fox designed the Britannia rowboat, used by John Fairfax for the first solo-rowing expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in 1969. The Britannia was described as "the Rolls-Royce of rowboats, made of mahogany."

  2. The Battle of Vinegar Hill (Irish: Cath Chnoc Fhíodh na gCaor) was a military engagement during the Irish Rebellion of 1798 on 21 June 1798 between a force of approximately 13,000 government troops under the command of Gerard Lake and 16,000 United Irishmen rebels led by Anthony Perry.

  3. Charles-Édouard de Saxe-Cobourg et Gotha, né le 19 juillet 1884 à Claremont House près d'Esher dans le comté de Surrey en Grande-Bretagne, et mort le 6 mars 1954 à Cobourg dans le land de Bavière en République fédérale d'Allemagne est un membre de la famille royale britannique, duc de Saxe-Cobourg et Gotha de 1900 à 1918.

  4. Die GE Wind Energy GmbH (kurz auch: GE Wind) mit Sitz im niedersächsischen Salzbergen ist ein Hersteller von Windkraftanlagen und Tochterunternehmen der General Electric.

  5. Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap Download coordinates as: KML This is a list of the tallest structures on the island of Ireland.. Those in Northern Ireland are denoted by a light blue background, the rest are in the Republic of Ireland

  6. Róisín Marie Murphy was born in Arklow on 5 July 1973. When she was 12 years old, she and her family moved to England, where they settled in Manchester. She embraced 1960s fashion from going with her mother, who was an antiques dealer, to car boot sales and charity shops.

  7. Two of the county's festivals take place in Arklow, the Arklow Music Festival and the Arklow Seabreeze Festival. The county is a popular film-making location in Ireland. Bray is home to Ardmore Studios , where many of Ireland's best known feature films, including Rawhead Rex John Boorman 's Excalibur and Zardoz , Jim Sheridan 's Oscar -winning In the Name of the Father , and several Neil ...