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  1. David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, the son of King Robert III of Scots, first held the dukedom from its creation in 1398. After his death, his brother James , later King James I, received the dukedom. Thereafter, the heir apparent to the Scottish Crown held the dukedom; an Act of the Parliament of Scotland passed in 1469 confirmed this pattern of succession.

  2. On 26 March 1402 the Duke of Albany's nephew, David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, had died in Falkland Palace while under his uncle's protection. King Robert III of Scotland, fearful that his younger son Prince James, the heir to the throne of Scotland, would suffer the same fate, sent him out of the kingdom to escape Albany's clutches.

  3. 26/04/2022 · James V Stewart, King of Scots was born on 10 April 1512 in Linlithgow Palace, West Lothian, Scotland and died on 14 December 1542 in Falkland Palace, Fife, Scotland and was buried in Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland, He was also known as Seumas V Stiùbhairt,

  4. Stammliste der schottischen Adelsfamilie Stewart.. Die Hauptlinie der Familie stellte ab Robert II. von 1370 bis 1587 die schottischen Könige.Nachdem mit dem Tod Jakobs V. 1542 die Nachkommenlinie Roberts II. im Mannesstamm erlosch, fiel die schottische Krone an dessen Tochter Maria Stuart und bei deren Tod, 1587, an deren Sohn aus ihrer zweiten Ehe mit Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley, Jakob VI ...

  5. Das Haus Stewart (auch Clan Stewart) ist eine schottische Adelsfamilie.Die Hauptlinie der Familie stellte von 1371 bis 1587 die Könige von Schottland.Danach fiel die schottische Krone durch Ehe an eine Nebenlinie desselben Hauses, die Haus Stuart genannt wurde und ab 1603 in Personalunion auch die Könige von England und Irland stellte.

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  7. Connaught, Arthur William Patrick Albert, (1850-1942), 1st Duke of Connaught, Field Marshal Connellan, Joseph, (d 1967), Politician and Journalist Conolly, Edward Michael, (1786-1848), MP