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  1. David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, the son of King Robert III of Scots, first held the dukedom from its creation in 1398. After his death, his brother James , later King James I, received the dukedom. Thereafter, the heir apparent to the Scottish Crown held the dukedom; an Act of the Parliament of Scotland passed in 1469 confirmed this pattern of succession.

  2. James, Duke of Rothesay 21 February 1507 27 February 1508 Unnamed daughter 15 July 1508 Stillborn at Palace of Holyroodhouse: Arthur, Duke of Rothesay 20 October 1509 14 July 1510 James V: 10 April 1512 14 December 1542 Married: Madeleine of Valois, 1537; no issue; Mary of Guise, 1538; had issue, including Mary, Queen of Scots; Unnamed daughter

  3. Having decided to follow a military career, William was admitted to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in January 2006. As "Lieutenant Wales"—a name based on his father's title Prince of Wales—he followed his younger brother into the Blues and Royals as a troop commander in an armoured reconnaissance unit, after which he spent five months training for the post at Bovington Camp, Dorset.

  4. Murdoch Stewart's captivity in England did not prevent his father from ruthlessly pursuing the family interest, often through violent means. On 26 March 1402 the Duke of Albany's nephew, David Stewart, Duke of Rothesay, had died in Falkland Palace while under his uncle's protection.

  5. Arthur Stewart (1509–1510) Duke of Rothesay (1509–1510) James (1512–1542) Duke of Rothesay (1512–1513) later King James V of Scots: Henry (1511 ...

  6. Guillermo, príncipe de Gales [2] (nacido William Arthur Philip Louis; Londres, 21 de junio de 1982), es el primogénito del rey Carlos III del Reino Unido y de su primera esposa, Diana, princesa de Gales, por lo tanto, es el primero en la línea de sucesión al trono británico y heredero de la Corona británica y de los otros reinos la Mancomunidad de Naciones.

  7. James, Duke of Rothesay: 22 May 1540 21 April 1541 Arthur or Robert, Duke of Albany 12 April 1541 20 April 1541 Mary, Queen of Scots: 8 December 1542 8 February 1587: Married firstly Francis II of France; no issue. Married secondly Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley and had issue. Married thirdly James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell; no issue.