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  1. Para la seguridad de su cuenta, es necesaria una contraseña de al menos 8 caracteres, al menos una mayúscula, letras, números y al menos un símbolo.

  2. MET/CAL® Plus calibration management software is the complete solution for automating calibration processes and managing & reporting measurement assets.

  3. The Fluke Calibration 5730A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator is the culmination of years of engineering development, customer research and industrial design, to bring to market the new “gold standard” in electrical multifunction calibration.

  4. 6330. This bath delivers all the high temperatures you need up to 300 °C (572 °F). With stability and uniformity at 300 °C better than ±0.015 °C and ±0.020 °C respectively, calibrations can easily be performed at this high temperature with total uncertainty better than ±0.05 °C.

  5. A medium password is required with at least 8 characters. To make it stronger, use both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

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  7. Henkilökohtaisia tietojasi käytetään ilmoittautumistesi käsittelyyn, sivuston käyttökokemuksesi tukemiseen ja muihin tarkoituksiin, jotka on kuvattu dokumentissa Tietosuojaseloste.