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  1. Also Prince of Iberia. Bagrat shared with his brothers the patrimonial holdings, but which lands he actually possessed is not directly indicated in the medieval sources. He found himself in a constant struggle with the Arabs, the Abasgians and the Kakhetians over the possession of central Iberia. Adarnase II (ადარნასე II) Before 826

  2. 09/07/2022 · Blood of Bagrat Bagrat Bagrationi 280 Patrilineal +5 Armenian +5 Georgian +0.10 Monthly Prestige One of the oldest Christian dynasties in the world. The children of Bagrat have made Georgia flourish throughout the centuries. Blood of Vortigern Gwrtheyrn Gwerthrynion 350 Patrilineal +5 Anglo-Saxon +5 Cruel +0.10 Monthly Prestige

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    Bagrat kaleyi vârislerinden tamamen alıp kendi egemenliğine kattı. Bu tarihten sonra Ardanuç siyasi açıdan önemini kaybetti, ama önemli kentlerden biri olma özelliğini korudu. Kurucu Davit ’in vakanüvisin anlatımına göre, 1080 yılında, Gürcü kralı II.

  4. Konan II de Rennes, Duke of Brittany: 1066: Konan II, Duke of Brittany would find himself in an uphill struggle to ensure his rule over Brittany. Having lost his father as a child, he faced many challenges to his rule from within and outside of his family. His uncle usurped his inheritance, and was later chained and imprisoned for his efforts.

  5. 04/08/2022 · Ludwig II 'the German' Karling, King of East Francia: An ambitious man, Ludwig has long sought to reconquer the pieces of the Empire he considers his birthright. These ambitions have suffered from setback after setback, however, as his various military campaigns all ended in failure and his rebellious sons have pried away most of his own lands from his control.

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