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  1. Bagrat's reign secured a victory for the Bagratids of Georgia, ending the power-struggles that had plagued the region for centuries. Bagrat had a peaceful foreign policy, successfully avoiding conflicts with the Byzantines and nearby Muslim realms, even though some of David's territory, such as Tao and Tbilisi , remained in Byzantine and Arab control, respectively.

  2. In 1028 he was imprisoned by Bagrat IV of Georgia, and died during captivity. His lands were absorbed by Georgia. In 1028, Klarjeti was annexed to Georgia: George I (გიორგი I) 998 or 1002 Son of Bagrat III and Martha: 1014–1027 16 August 1027 Mqinwarni or Itaroni aged 24/25 or 28/29: Kingdom of Georgia: Mariam of Vaspurakan c.1018 ...

  3. National Bank starts accepting Pre-orders on Bagrat III and Parnavaz I coins . ... The National Bank of Georgia has published the 2021 edition of the Supervisory ...

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