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  1. Tras la muerte de Teodosio III, el Ciego en el año 978, el trono de Abjasia fue entregado a Bagrat III, en su calidad de sucesor y sobrino del difunto rey. Con la muerte de David en el año 1001, Bagrat III asumió el poder en Tao-Klardsheti y, finalmente, siete años más tarde, anexó Kajeti y Ereti, coronándose rey de la Georgia unificada.

  2. Teimuraz returned to eastern Georgia in 1615, taking advantage of a resurgence in Ottoman-Safavid hostilities, and there he defeated a Safavid force. However, when the Ottoman army postponed its invasion of the Safavids, Abbas was able to briefly send an army back to defeat Teimuraz, and redoubled his invasion after brokering a truce with the Ottomans. [92]

  3. After the death of Hereditary Prince Constantine (III) (1898–1978), because the male-offspring of this branch came to end, the headship of the House of Bagrationi-Imereti transmitted to Prince Irakli Bagrationi (1925–2013), son of Prince Grigol, the male-line descendant of Prince Bagrat, younger brother of King Solomon I of Imereti (1752–1784).

  4. Bagrat's reign secured a victory for the Bagratids of Georgia, ending the power-struggles that had plagued the region for centuries. Bagrat had a peaceful foreign policy, successfully avoiding conflicts with the Byzantines and nearby Muslim realms, even though some of David's territory, such as Tao and Tbilisi , remained in Byzantine and Arab control, respectively.

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    Bagrat IV submitted to paying jizya to the Seljuks but the Georgians broke the agreement in 1065. Alp Arslan invaded Georgia again in 1068. He captured Tbilisi after a short battle and obtained the submission of Bagrat IV; however, the Georgians freed themselves from Seljuk rule around 1073–1074.

  6. Ascended to the throne after the death of his nephew, Leo IV. He was poisoned by his cousin Oshin of Korikos, who then ascended as regent. Leo V (Լեիոն Դ) (Leo IV as king) (under guardianship of Oshin of Korikos) 1309 Son of Oshin and Isabella of Korikos: 1329–1341 28 August 1341 aged 31–32: Alice of Korikos 10 August 1321 one child ...

  7. Ashot IV Bagratuni 806–826; Leo V the Armenian 813–820 (Byzatine Emperor) Constantine (son of Leo V) 813–830 (Byzatine Emperor) Bagrat II Bagratuni 830–851; Ashot V Bagratuni 862–884; Ashot I of Armenia 884–890; Smbat I of Armenia 890–914; Gagik I Artsruni 904–937; Ashot II of Armenia 914–926; Abas I of Armenia 928–953 ...