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  1. Le duché de Savoie est un fief du Saint-Empire romain germanique, du XV e au XVIII e siècle, bénéficiant d'une relative autonomie politique.Il a pour capitale la ville de Chambéry (1416 – 1563), située sur le versant septentrional des Alpes, puis celle de Turin (1563 – 1713), en Piémont.

  2. Frederick William I (German: Friedrich Wilhelm I.; 14 August 1688 – 31 May 1740), known as the "Soldier King" (German: Soldatenkönig), was King in Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg from 1713 until his death in 1740, as well as Prince of Neuchâtel.

  3. Prussia and its predecessor, Brandenburg-Prussia, were involved in numerous conflicts during their existence as nation-states.During their military engagements they often fulfilled the role of a supporting power, especially in the 17th century.

  4. Gusev (Russian: Гу́сев; German: Gumbinnen; Lithuanian: Gumbinė; Polish: Gąbin) is a town and the administrative center of Gusevsky District of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, located at the confluence of the Pissa and Krasnaya Rivers, near the border with Poland and Lithuania, east of Chernyakhovsk.

  5. While it did not prompt renewed religious warfare, many Protestants chose to leave France rather than convert, with most moving to the Kingdom of England, Brandenburg-Prussia, the Dutch Republic and Switzerland.

  6. Görtz had taken part as an electoral emissary of the Electorate of Brandenburg (Prussia's territory within the formal imperial borders) in 1792, at the election of Francis II as Holy Roman Emperor, and exclaimed that "So the emperor whom I helped elect was the last emperor!—This step was no doubt to be expected, but that does not make its reality any less moving and crushing.

  7. Brandenburg-Prussia (1656–57) Principality of Transylvania Ukrainian Cossacks (1657) Grand Duchy of Lithuania Wallachia Moldavia. Poland–Lithuania Denmark–Norway Holy Roman Empire Tsardom of Russia (1656–58) Crimean Khanate Brandenburg-Prussia (1655–56, 1657–60) Dutch Republic: 1655 1690 Savoyard–Waldensian wars: Duchy of Savoy ...