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  1. Bridget Cromwell (1624 - 1662) fue la hija mayor de Oliver Cromwell. Casó con el general Henry Ireton, y luego de su muerte, con el general Charles Fleetwood . Vida. Nació en 1624, hija de Oliver Cromwell y su esposa Elizabeth Bouchier. En 1646 Bridget contrajo matrimonio con el general Henry Ireton, un cercano colega de su padre.

    • 1662
    • Henry Ireton (desde 1646), Charles Fleetwood (desde 1652)
  2. Elizabeth Bourchier. Bridget Cromwell (1624 – June 1662) was Oliver Cromwell 's eldest daughter. She married General Henry Ireton and after he died, General Charles Fleetwood .

    • 5 August 1624 (baptised)
    • June 1662 (aged 37)
    • 7
    • English
  3. Bridget Cromwell (born 1624) was the Cromwells’ eldest daughter and the eldest of their children to survive into full adulthood. Almost nothing is known of her life until 1646, when she married Henry Ireton, senior parliamentarian officer and close confidant of Oliver.

  4. Bridget Cromwell (1624 - 1662) fue la hija mayor de Oliver Cromwell. Casó con el general Henry Ireton , y luego de su muerte, con el general Charles Fleetwood . Quick facts: Bridget Cromwell, Información personal, Nacim...

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    Ireton was the eldest son of German Ireton of Attenborough, Nottinghamshire, and was baptised in St Mary's Church on 3 November 1611. He became a gentleman commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, in 1626, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1629, and entered the Middle Templethe same year.

    On the outbreak of the First English Civil War he joined the parliamentary army, fighting at the Battle of Edgehill in October 1642 and the Battle of Gainsborough in July 1643. He was made deputy-governor of the Isle of Ely by Oliver Cromwell, and served under the Earl of Manchester in the Yorkshire campaign and at the second Battle of Newbury, aft...

    Ireton was initially a moderate. At the Putney Debates, he opposed extremism, disliked the views of the Republicans and the Levellers, which he considered impractical and dangerous to the foundations of society, and wished to retain the constitution of King, Lords, and Commons. He argued for these in the negotiations of the army with Parliament, an...

    Ireton's regiment was chosen by lot to accompany Cromwell in his Irish campaign. Ireton arrived in Dublin two days after Cromwell on 17 August 1649, with 77 ships full of troops and supplies. Ireton was appointed major-general and after the conquest of the south of Ireland, Lord President of Munster. He went over with John Cookwith a brief to refor...

    By his wife, Bridget Cromwell, Ireton left one son, Henry Ireton (circa 1652–1711), and four daughters, one of whom, Bridget Bendish (she married Thomas Bendish in 1670) is said to have compromised herself in the Rye House Plot of 1683, as did Henry. Ireton's widow Bridget afterward married General Charles Fleetwood. Another daughter, Elizabeth, ma...

    On 30 January 1661, following the Restoration of the English monarchy of 1660, Charles II had Ireton's corpse exhumed from Westminster and mutilated in a posthumous execution, along with those of Cromwell and John Bradshaw, in retribution for signing his father's death warrant. The date was symbolic, being the 12th anniversary of the execution of C...

    A blue plaque was affixed to Ireton's birthplace at Church Lane in Attenborough, on 22 June 2011, by the Beeston and District Local History Society with the following text:"General Henry Ireton lawyer, confederate and son-in-law of Oliver Cromwell born here 1611 died Limerick 1651". The town of Ireton, Iowa, United States was named after Henry Iret...

    In the 1970 film Cromwell, Michael Jayston plays Ireton as a subtle but well-meaning manipulator who hates Charles I and pushes Cromwell into actions, which Cromwell at first considers neither desirable nor possible, but then pursues all the way. This version of Ireton is ready to denounce the King and plunge England into civil war before Cromwell ...

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  6. Cromwell, Bridget (1624–c. 1660) Daughter of English soldier and Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. Name variations: Bridget Fleetwood. Baptized on August 5, 1624, in Huntingdon, England; died soon after the Restoration (1660), date of death unknown; daughter of Oliver Cromwell and Eliza-beth (Bourchier) Cromwell ; sister of Mary, Countess of ...

  7. Bridget Cromwell (1624 - junio de 1662) fue la hija mayor de Oliver Cromwell . Se casó con el General Henry Ireton y después de su muerte el General Charles Fleetwood. Ella nació de Elizabeth (nacida Bouchier) y Oliver Cromwell en 1624. Cromwell se da cuenta en 1646 cuando se casa con Henry Ireton, quien era un colega cercano de su padre.