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  1. Below these, statues of an enthroned Queen Victoria (facing The Mall) and of Motherhood (facing Buckingham Palace), with Justice (facing north-west towards Green Park) and Truth (facing south-east). These were created from solid blocks of marble, with Truth being sculpted from a block weighing 40 tonnes.

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    Nimrud has been one of the main sources of Assyrian sculpture, including the famous palace reliefs. Layard discovered more than half a dozen pairs of colossal guardian figures guarding palace entrances and doorways. These are lamassu, statues with a male human head, the body of a lion or bull, and wings.

  3. Also, a detachment of the unit providing the Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace still mounts a guard at the Tower, and with the Yeomen Warders, takes part in the Ceremony of the Keys each day. [146] [147] [148] On several occasions through the year gun salutes are fired from the Tower by the Honourable Artillery Company , these consist of 62 rounds for royal occasions, and 41 on other occasions.

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    After studying the project's accounts (its total costs had risen to £500,000 by 1811 (equivalent to £38.6 million in 2021 pounds), as opposed to the initial allocation of £40,000 in 1800 (equivalent to £3.44 million in 2021 pounds)), Parliament approved that decision and ordered that the few fixtures and fittings which had already installed in the Castellated Palace be removed and sent to ...

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    Buckingham Palace reacted by stating that it was "unjustifiable for anybody to suffer this sort of intrusion". In 2002, Charles, "so often a target of the press, got his chance to return fire" when addressing "scores of editors, publishers and other media executives" gathered at St Bride's Fleet Street to celebrate 300 years of journalism.

  6. The St James's Palace detachment of the King's Guard, led usually by the corps of drums, and bearing the colour (if the King is in residence, then this will be the King's colour; if he is not, then it is the regimental colour), marches along the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where the Buckingham Palace detachment has formed up to await their arrival.

  7. So marschiert auch heute noch ein Teil der Garde um 11.15 Uhr durch den St James’s Park zum Buckingham-Palast und kehrt um 12.05 Uhr zum St James’s Palace zurück. Die Wachablösung findet nur an den Tagen statt, an denen auch jene am Buckingham-Palast durchgeführt wird (in den Sommermonaten April bis Juli täglich, ansonsten alle zwei Tage).